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Rush’s Morning Update: Extortion
December 11, 2008

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Before the arrest of their Democrat governor, the big story from Chicago was the sit-in of laid-off union workers at a failing window factory.

Quick recap, here: Republic Windows and Doors exhausted their credit line,and Bank of America refused to issue more credit. So they did what companies do in those circumstances: They shut down operations. About 240 workers (some ofwhom speak English)were laid off,but they refused to leave until they were guaranteed severance and vacation pay.

The Drive-Byspounced –and so did politicians, small and large. After issuing orders for the state to stop all business with Bank of America, Illinois Governor “Hot Rod” Blagojevich showed up at Republic Windows and Doors to mingle with the union trespassers. Even The Messiah, Lord Obama the Most Merciful, weighed in. Reverting to Office of Community Organizer rather than Office of President-Elect, he wholeheartedly supported the trespassing.

Well, Bank of America succumbed. They will now provide “credit” –which in actuality is just a welfare payment– to pay the fired workers severance. But the union is still in sit-in mode, claiming more details have to be worked out. My guess is they’re going to demand a plan like the auto guys get, allowing them to sit home and collect near-full wages while the company shuts down.

So, the big lesson is that in Chicago, extortion still works. No shock there. And by the way,lest you doubt this,I do support the workers — just not the unions.

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