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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, in case you missed it, I announced the official policy here for all of us when it comes to union workers and so forth. We support the workers. We do not support the unions. We are all for the workers and the great sacrifices and contributions they make, but we are not for the unions. As such, I myself am getting a little fed up here with all this talk. Chris Dodd saying the General Motors CEO, Rick Wagoner– Who the hell is Chris Dodd? He ought to be under investigation for the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac subprime crisis and for his taking money in sweetheart deals from a guy his committee oversaw, Angelo Mozilo of Countrywide. Again, there are no ethics violations possible when you are a Democrat, because your intentions are always so honorable. But nevertheless we’re hearing all of the blame being showered on the automobile CEOs, but guess who is getting a free ride, so to speak, and that is the head honcho of the United Auto Workers, Mr. Gettelfinger. Shouldn’t somebody suggest he resign? Maybe we’ve got some Republicans in the Senate, maybe we have some Republicans in the House of Representatives who say, ‘Well, you know what, the auto industry has been gummed up a little bit by the unions. Maybe Mr. Gettelfinger ought to quit, too. He’s got nothing to hang his hat on here. The whole industry seems to be in a big quagmire problem. Yeah, the CEOs ought to go, but Mr. Gettelfinger ought to be right behind ’em.’ We support the workers but not the unions.

I have an idea. We’re into solutions here at the EIB Network. Instead of $15 billion or $18 billion, whatever they’re thinking about doing here for the auto industry, why not let the free market, just give it a partial chance? Because Congress can do anything, right? They can run this business, they can run that business, they can administer that service. I mean they’re the experts, are they not? We’re investing in Congress final authority to do everything right, are we not? So my idea, ladies and gentlemen, is Congress should put in an order to buy a million or a million-and-a-half cars. Whatever number of cars you could buy for $15 to $18 billion dollars, buy the cars. That’s what needs to happen here, is it not? We need to sell American cars. So Congress should go in and buy the cars and then let Congress figure out how to sell ’em! They know how to get reelected. They know how to raise campaign cash. They know how to get and spend earmarks. They know how to get away with destroying certain businesses. Let them show us how to save one. Go in, buy the cars, and then sell ’em. That’s hard work. Selling cars is hard work. We need the best and brightest for this. Obviously the dealership system isn’t working. Obviously the way General Motors is doing it isn’t working.

We need somebody to buy cars. Congress has the money, they’re appropriating it right now, supposedly gonna get a deal here, $15 million. Go out and buy cars. Maybe Obama could move these cars on the Internet to his fundraisers. Maybe he could award a car to every one of his fundraisers who donates a certain amount of money to pay off Hillary Clinton’s debt so she can go in the State Department without any conflicts. I have an idea. I have a better idea. Here’s how Congress can sell $15 billion worth of cars and that is put Obama’s logo or his likeness on all four hubcaps or wheel covers, so that wherever you go in America these cars purchased by your bailout money, every one of them would have an Obama likeness on the hubcap or the wheel cover or somewhere, maybe make it the hood ornament. You think those cars wouldn’t sell fast? You could even have a built-in advertising slogan, ‘See America the Obama way.’ ‘See the USA the Obama way.’ Just bring back that Chevrolet jingle, ‘See the USA in a Chevrolet.’ Update it. ‘See the USA the Obama way.’

So let’s review. We get Gettelfinger to resign along with the executives because he’s had as big a role in screwing all this up as anybody else has because he’s part of the union. We support the workers, but not the union. Congress, rather than give these guys $15 billion, buys $15 billion worth of cars, trucks, SUVs. In fact, go out and buy the electric cars, go out and buy whatever they’re making out there, the hybrids, make the cars, buy the cars that you tell us we ought to be driving and then go sell ’em. Congress sells the cars, ’cause that’s the really hard part here, that’s what really needs to happen. Congress sells the cars. Any problem selling the cars, offer an incentive, Obama could offer a free car. We’re not talking trade-in. Well, you might want a trade-in. Congress will handle the details of the trade-in, give a flat amount for your car regardless how old, worn out, or new it is. Forget the details, Snerdley. Tom Daschle has shown us the way. No details here. There will be no details. We’re just going to do it.

Congress is going to buy $15 billion worth of cars and Congress is going to sell ’em. If you have a trade-in, trade it in. Take whatever they give you, buy the new car, we’ll equip it with Obama wheel covers or hubcaps so you can see the USA the Obama way. Obama could even buy some of the cars himself to offer as incentives to fundraisers and donors who help retire Hillary Clinton’s campaign debt so she can go into the State Department un-conflicted. No details, just do it. You can bail ’em out or buy ’em. What they need to do is sell cars.

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