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RUSH: Remember, now, God has put us in a sitcom here, folks, and is writing the script. ‘Preparing for her new role as secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton is moving to surround herself with a cast of die-hard loyalists and veterans of her husband’s administration to help her cope with world crises and backstage Washington power plays. For her team of foreign policy experts, the nation’s third female secretary of state is expected to draw heavily from the staff of the first, Madeleine Albright, who was an early supporter of Clinton’s unsuccessful bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. And to deal with internal Obama administration affairs, State Department bureaucratic politics and media pressures, the former first lady appears set to tap current Senate aides and former White House ‘Hillaryland’ stalwarts, whose reputation for insularity and staunch protectiveness has already set off anxiety among career foreign service officers.

‘For Clinton’s personal staff, names already floated include longtime confidante and 2008 Clinton presidential campaign manager Maggie Williams, attorney Cheryl Mills, personal assistant Huma Abedin, current senior adviser and spokesman Philippe Reines and Clinton’s chief of staff when she was first lady, Melanne Verveer. All are known to be fiercely loyal. The prospect of their imminent arrival in Foggy Bottom has been a hot topic of nervous corridor conversation among many in the professional diplomatic corps who fear they will be frozen out of positions of influence.’

They are right. Hillary is going to put her Nurse Ratched staff over there, and one name not mentioned that’s going to be there is Sidney Blumenthal, and he is, I mean he’s Fredo, he’s Michael, he’s Sonny before he gets assassinated by the rival mob. This guy, folks, is Sean Avery. The State Department is never going to be the same. They’re not going to know what hit ’em, ladies and gentlemen. And, of course, Bill Clinton understands exactly how it’s going to be.

(playing of Bill Clinton spoof song)


RUSH: Carol in south Texas, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: Nice to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying your show today, when you played that takeoff — ‘She’s Always a Lady’ — you just had me dying laughing because it reminded me of 1993 when I’d make a ten-hour drive from Brownsville to Dallas, and I learned to find you all the way up, some of your shows were delayed, and you had that guy on that was imitating Clinton when he was first running for office, and I was dying laughing and people were passing me and thinking I was crazy, I’m sure.

RUSH: That was me.

CALLER: Well, yeah, that was you back then, that’s right. I thought it was another guy.

RUSH: (doing Clinton impression) Sometimes Bill Clinton just takes over, and I start channeling Bill Clinton here sometimes, I don’t even know it’s me or if it’s Clinton speaking.

CALLER: I know. It was so funny, and I remember you saying when people were criticizing your commentary or your news show, and you said, ‘Look, I’m an entertainer,’ and I thought, that’s right, you have really entertained me over the years.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much. You know, it is interesting how history and things have a repetitive cycle, and we go back to whenever the Pennsylvania primary was over, the last primary, and then we knew that the superdelegates had finally gotten through to Hillary, ‘Just get out,’ and all the Democrats — forget us — all the Democrats privately, secretly, came forward so happy that a stake had been driven through their hearts, and now they wake up and they find out that the whole Clinton apparatus is over at the State Department, it’s at the Attorney General’s office, Jamie Gorelick is going to be back prowling around over there. The entire Clinton apparatus is back! And that’s why 2009 reminds you of 1993.

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