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RUSH: The president came out today and said we’re going to extend unemployment benefits. He officially used the ‘recession’ word, big job losses, unexpected. Why are these unexpected? Obama told us. Obama told us not long ago we’re going to lose millions of jobs, before we create millions more, or save millions more, what have you. Anyway, I understand the need for this unemployment compensation extension, I do. But, folks, a little tough love here. It is this kind of thing that is, over time, going to destroy a lot of people’s initiative. It’s a delicate balance here, but a lot of times in dire circumstances people get creative and get ambitious because of need. I keep hearing people say, ‘Well, the Great Depression, it can’t happen again. I mean we’ve got the safeguards built in there, it can’t happen again.’ It got me thinking, well, why did the Great Depression happen? If we can prevent a Great Depression by simply expanding unemployment benefits and bailing out banks and printing money, why didn’t we do that in the Great Depression? Why didn’t FDR just do that? Why did we go through all those years of pain and 25% unemployment, why did we do that? The safeguards are obviously very easy. So we’re not going to have another Great Depression, eh? The more people that lose jobs that we continue to pay the fewer people I guarantee you down the road are going to be inspired to want to go back to work, and that’s the downside of all this, and that, sadly, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the hoped-for results by many liberal Democrats in Washington today.

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