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“You can’t support the troops while not supporting their mission. They’re one in the same.” — Mark Davis

• AP: Obama Announces Clinton, Gates for Cabinet
• USA Today: National Security Team a Diverse Mix

“If you say or do anything to make the footfalls of our troops one pound heavier with your self-serving political rhetoric, you’ve done a bad thing for those troops and a bad thing for your country.” — Mark Davis
• WP: Pentagon to Bolster Domestic Security
• Fred Barnes: Is Barack a Secret Centrist?
(No, Fred. God love you, but he’s not.)
“How willing will Janet Napolitano be to recognize the two things that are the definition of homeland security: recognizing the threat of the murderous portion of the Islamic faith, and recognizing the threat of waves of illegal immigrants from the south? Is she going to be on board with either of those? I’m guessing not.” — Mark Davis

• PBJ: Napolitano Accepts Obama Post
• AP: Janet Napolitano Biography

“Compared to the ideological mixed bag that Senator McCain was, Governor Palin provided that incredible breath of fresh air of unapologetic, down-the-line reliable conservatism that we haven’t had in forever.” — Mark Davis

• AJC: Palin Tells Crowd Nation is Watching Georgia
• ABC: Palin in Georgia: ”We Need Checks and Balances”
• LAT: Chambliss and Martin Face Senate Runoff in Georgia

“On the subject of Sarah Palin, it seems there are only two schools of thought. The people that think she’s a complete idiot and the people who think she is Margaret Thatcher reborn. There is a middle ground (and I suggest that most of us are in it) and that is a middle ground that says she is magnificent.” — Mark Davis

• Reuters: Security Guard Killed in Wal-Mart Shopper Stampede

“‘Black Friday’ is not a racist term.” — Mark Davis

• Don’t Count on it: Kentucky Man Demands Proof of Obama’s US Birth

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