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RUSH: One call here before we have to skate out. Katie, somewhere in parts unknown on the East Coast. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Fine, thank you.

CALLER: I’m a newspaper reporter. I’m also a conservative. I work for a daily newspaper. It’s a middle-size paper, not super large and not super small. I had something I just wanted to say, especially regarding the last election. There was just so much stuff that… Just my opinion in general, okay? Opinion belongs on the op-ed page and news belongs on the news page, and there is so much slanted writing going on — and even when Dan Rather notices, you know it’s bad. I’m speaking to a few other people I know, and we wanted to start some kind of an organization to try and pull journalism back to where it belongs.

RUSH: God bless you. Something needs to happen, because even though Dan Rather notices it, he’s not interested in fixing it.

CALLER: Oh, well, you know —

RUSH: They think they’re fixing the problem by doing these postmortems. Mark Halperin went out to California somewhere, TIME Magazine, and said, ‘This was the most biased, the most embarrassing behavior by mainstream media I’ve ever seen.’

CALLER: They knew it. They knew it.

RUSH: At the time of course they knew it. They’re not going to change it.

CALLER: I know. They knew it when it was happening. So, I mean, there’s nothing that you can possibly say about it. I just wanted to give my e-mail address for anyone who might be listening who’s — you don’t have to be conservative —

RUSH: You don’t want to do that. Trust me. I’m going to put you on hold and let you talk with Snerdley. We’ll figure out a way to do this, it’s an important project that you’ve got, but I’m not going to let you put your e-mail address or phone number out on the air. I would not do that to you. I would not do that. You’d get so sick, not even Zicam would save you. I could give you a lifetime supply of Zicam and you could swab your nose… Well, it prevents colds. Well, it doesn’t prevent ’em, but it really retards it if you use it as soon as you think you’re coming down with one. Not even Zicam would help you, Katie. But this is a project that needs to happen. She works at middle-size paper, right — which we would call ‘bubbling up.’ This is called change from the bottom in the newspaper business. She’s right. They’re all doing these postmortems, ‘We’ve never seen a more biased press.’ They knew it at the time. They don’t care now. Obama is too big to fail. They think they’re clearing the decks and apologizing by admitting how biased they were. It isn’t gonna matter.

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