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Rush’s Morning Update: State and Church
November 26, 2008

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My friends, officials from the governmentin Californiahave announced plans to investigate the Mormon Church over their role in the passage of Proposition 8,which defined marriage as a union between mankind and womankind.
The California Fair Political Practices Commission said a singlecomplaintby a gay rights group was enough to drive the investigation. The executive director,Roman Porter, said the decision to investigate the Mormonsdoesn’t mean any wrongdoing has been pre-determined. (SoI guess this means that Roman won’t nail the Mormons to the cross just yet — until the investigation is complete.) The lone complaint giving the state an excuse to investigate the church claims the Mormons didn’t report the value of workthey did to support the measure.
Now, remember, folks: Liberal bloggers called black people the “n-word” for supporting it in large numbers.Roseanne Barr called blacks “ignorant” and said their clergy was corrupted. (Was she thinking Chicago?)
Soas we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving –inspired by Pilgrims who came to the New World in search of religious freedom — California is holding an inquisition of a religious groupwho dared voice political opinions.Quite fitting.
If they’refound guilty,maybe the Mormons should be required to admit they’re heretics. Maybe they should be forced todenounce their religion,or face burning at the stake. What to do with the blacks? That’s another matter. The Mormons? They’re in for it. Happy Thanksgiving, folks. We’ll see youon the next update.

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