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Rush’s Morning Update: Warfare!
November 24, 2008

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Well, the big question: Will Hillary Clinton take over the State Department? Apparently, official word will notcome from Camp Messiah until after Thanksgiving, but the high profile appointments already on the table– Rahm Emanuel, Tom Daschle, and Janet Napolitano –reveal a pattern:they’re fiercely partisan and polarizing figures.

Governor Janet Napolitano was Anita Hill’s attorney during the attempted high-tech lynching of Justice Thomas. She reportedly coached key witness Susan Hoerchner to change her testimony. As Governor of Arizona, Napolitano thwarted efforts to get tough on illegal immigration– so now Obama puts her in charge of Homeland Security,which oversees immigration enforcement.

TomDaschle? One of the most partisan senate majority leaders in modern history. After he was finally defeated, most of his staff moved over to work for the incoming freshman senator fromIllinois: Barack Obama. And Rahm “Sharp Elbows” Emanuel was a partisan enforcer for Bill Clinton and Speaker of the House Pelosi. His elbows are sharp– and so is the political hatchet that he wields.

Now, don’t misunderstand. I’m not bellyaching. This is pure political analysis. Elections have consequences, and the incoming president gets to pick whoever he wants to enact his agendaand to squash his opponents like big juicy bugs on a tile floor. So, let’s squash all this talk about Obama’s “post-partisanship” and the second coming of Camelot. This is political warfare,and I, my friends, am on the field and ready for thefight!

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