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RUSH: By the way, folks, bad news here. The propaganda markets are being hit hard as well as the stock markets. AP-Obama has said that it will lay off 10% of its workforce starting in 2009. So not even the propaganda markets are safe from the economic downturn. The Obama reelection committee suffered a setback when it learned that the AP-Obama would be laying off 10% of its propagandists. Propaganda is in the throes of a bear market. Massive media layoffs, and now the AP-Obama following suit has made getting the truth out a little bit easier, ’cause the more propagandists that get laid off and the more Obama campaign aides that lose their gigs… The New York Times financials are horrible. Their stock price is at five bucks. They’re having to reassess or reassign value and so forth. McClatchy newspapers, headquartered in Sacramento, issued a report on themselves earlier this week that makes it sound like they may not be in business in three months.

Meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen, just so you know, the Excellence in Broadcasting Network — should I admit this, Kit? Yes, because I want our audience to know this. In the midst of all this turmoil in the Drive-By Media, I want you people in this audience to know (because you are the ones largely making this happen, by the way) that just last week we surpassed for next year our total gross income of this year. I mentioned this to Baba Wawa. Remember, Kit? You were there. Her first question was citing to me the figures of my new contract, as she had them.

‘Are you worth it?’

I said, ‘Hell, yes, I’m worth it!’ She looked stunned. ‘Yes, I’m worth it. It’s just a percentage of what I produce.’

‘But what about the we-cession?’

‘There is no recession. I don’t participate in a recession.’

I told her that we’re already ahead in 2009 gross of all of this year. Even this year is not complete, but we’ve got it on the books. It’s still not over, but what’s on the books this year, we’re already ahead. The Drive-Bys are going the other way — and, by the way, we’re not laying people off here at the EIB Network. We, in fact, are hiring. So for every one of these propagandists that loses their job in the Obama reelection team, the power and influence of the Excellence in Broadcasting Network continues to spread and grow and permeate, infiltrate; and that’s why we are bullish and we are optimistic on the future. We are an example of the fact that prosperity is still gloriously achievable in the US of A.


RUSH: Pam in Boston. You’ve been waiting awhile. I appreciate it. Great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.


CALLER: I appreciate you taking my call, and in response to the question by Barbara Walters, I know I speak for many when I say you are well worth it.

RUSH: Well, actually worth more than that.

CALLER: Yeah. I nominate you for a raise.

RUSH: Yeah. (laughing) No, I don’t take all that I could. I leave some for others.

CALLER: Well, you keep many of us off the ledge, especially a few brave conservatives from the land of Barney Frank.

RUSH: I feel for you.

CALLER: Oh, pray for me.

RUSH: Well, that too.

CALLER: My question was your thoughts on the hackers into the defense and now the financial computers. And of course getting the Boston Globe, we get like a little paragraph on page 15 about these intrusions. You just don’t hear much about it. We hear, ‘What kind of dog does Obama need?’ you know, and I just wondered what you thought about that.

RUSH: Are you talking about computer hacking and this kind of thing?

CALLER: Yes, hacking into our security and the financial computers. I think by the Chinese, was it? There’s just not much is reported.

RUSH: Oh, the ChiComs. The ChiComs have been hacking into the Pentagon. I saw the other day the ChiComs hacked into White House e-mail servers and so forth. I don’t know whether that’s true, but it’s happening all the time. People are hacking into big-time credit databases, credit people that hold your credit card information, people hacking into that and stealing identities and so forth.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: I don’t know. People are becoming more and more aware of this as more and more of their identities have been stolen. Has this happened to you?

CALLER: No. I’m talking more about the financial markets, the world financial markets and the Pentagon defense computers hacked into.

RUSH: Yeah, well, nothing’s safe. I mean, the security of any computer database is always up for grabs.

CALLER: Right. But I’m thinking when it’s the defense and the financial, in light of the recent economy nightmare, and I know there are experts at keeping everything —

RUSH: Well, you may not want to hear this, but the last I heard — and I could be wrong about this, but — I don’t really think we have anything to fear from people trying to damage us via the stock market or the Pentagon or security agencies, ’cause the world loves us now.

CALLER: Oh, you think?

RUSH: We elected Barack Obama! Oh, yeah. I mean the sea levels are going to descend now.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: I don’t know why anybody would wish us harm. I wouldn’t be concerned about it if I were you.

CALLER: I have to tell you, I’ve only been listening to you in the last year, and my husband’s been a longtime listener. But you were the only thing keeping me off the ledge during the last turn of events over the last couple months, but I’m even going to have to resort to the 24/7 to get me through the weekend.

RUSH: That’s a great deal.

CALLER: Yeah. It is a great deal and it’s well worth it.

RUSH: She’s talking about RushLimbaugh.com. That is an incredible resource. The amount of information impresses even me.

CALLER: And I just have one last question, if you’ll indulge me. Why does Michael Moore live here? Why do these people who love socialism, Bill Ayers, why do they stay in the United States and why do we allow them?

RUSH: Well, two things. I don’t know about Ayers. I don’t know why he stays. Well, I can answer I think both Ayers and Michael Moore, they’re trying to change the country. They’re trying to subvert it, you know, in their own ways.

CALLER: Well, I’m sure they’re happy now that they have their boy in the office, little Barry, but I’m just saying before this: if socialism is so great why are they not down in Cuba?

RUSH: Because they’re both making way too much money.

CALLER: Exactly right, and do they go down to the homeless shelter and pass that out, redistribute the wealth?

RUSH: I don’t know what they do.

CALLER: That’s what they want to tell us to do, but is he redistributing his wealth?

RUSH: They want to redistribute yours. They never redistribute theirs.

CALLER: Yeah. You’re right.

RUSH: They never do.

RUSH: About your stock market question, let me be serious about something. Do you think it’s possible…? I mean, I was joking about the world loving us. You understand that.

CALLER: Oh, of course I do. I’m very educated because of you.

RUSH: Do you think it’s possible that our enemies might be short selling?

CALLER: Of course I think it’s possible, and I think more attention should be paid to it. But like I said, what we worry about is what kind of dog and what kind of clothes Michelle is going to wear. And people better wake up and see what’s happening to this country.

RUSH: I know, but this is charisma. This is personality.

CALLER: Right. ‘Creepy.’

RUSH: This is an image campaign and so forth.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: To the media, as I say, he’s too big to fail. They’re not going to let him go down the tubes and they’re going to continue to try to prop him up by keeping him shielded from substance as much as they can. Where is Obama? Day two, Rome is burning, where is Obama? It is very creepy. They are going to have some sort of a prepack bankruptcy plan. The Obama transition team is working on a prepack. Do you know what that is? That means they grease the skids. They set up, ‘Okay here’s a bankruptcy plan for you. Take it. We’ll make sure it happens without having to wind your way through court.’ Government is the lender in this one, so this would be the government. You’d be filing Chapter 11 with the government, 7 to 11. I don’t know how this would work, but Obama has responded to that clarion call to do something about the auto industries.

By the way, this business, ladies and gentlemen, of identity theft? She was on to something. It’s not just government computers. You can be hacked, your identity can be stolen, and you don’t want this to happen to you. It’s one of the most miserable things to have to try to fix, and there’s this outfit out there we use called LifeLock.com, and all you have to do is go to LifeLock.com, use offer code Rush, and that’s simply to get some special little doodads. But regardless, it will protect your identity and they’ll catch people trying to steal your identity before it happens. And even if they miss people, you are protected up to a million dollars in loss. You can also call, if you don’t have a computer. It’s 800-440-4833. And if you use offer code Rush you’ll get 30 days absolutely free. This is how you can try it out. But it’s amazing. Every sponsor we have works. It works.

Diana in Merritt Island, Florida, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello?


CALLER: I am a new listener to you and I wanted to know, when you say ‘Drive-By Media,’ can you just give me a definition of that?

RUSH: Sure. It’s not complicated at all. Do you know what a drive-by shooting is?

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: Okay, so a drive-by shooting. Take the same concept and apply it to the media. So you have a group of people, the American news consumer, and they’re out there minding their own business — and all of a sudden the media pulls up with their cameras and their microphones, and they tell you that there is some calamity or crisis or something that’s about to be out of control. ‘My God, it’s horrible! It’s terrible! Bush lied; 30,000 deaths in one day in Iraq,’ whatever it is. They get everybody all bent out of shape over what is usually not true, something that’s been exaggerated, and then somebody has to clean up the mess and tell the truth and get it all straightened out. That’s generally me. After that they get in the convertible and they head on down the road with their cameras and microphones and they get ready to disrupt another group of innocent bystanders doing nothing but minding their own business, polluting them with a bunch of lies, a phony crisis, getting people all frightened and worked up over essentially nothing; to keep them in a perpetual state of fear because fear allows people, or permits people to let other people in power make vast changes in their lifestyle, oriented toward security, safety, or what have you. So it’s just no different than a drive-by shooting except the weapons here are cameras and microphones, notebooks, and pens.

CALLER: Okay. Thank you very much. I have one other tidbit of information —

RUSH: Yes?

CALLER: — as far as a comment about the Mayflower and the first Thanksgiving. I’m a direct descendant of Priscilla Mullins, who was on the Mayflower, married John Alden and 13 great-great-grandmothers later I am a nurse. She was the nurse on the Mayflower.

RUSH: That is amazing. That is amazing!

CALLER: So our favorite family holiday is coming up.

RUSH: I can imagine! So you, by virtue of your family genealogy and your traits here, you can confirm the original story of Thanksgiving, then?

CALLER: Correct. Correct. And there was beer on the Mayflower, because beer sustained the long voyage.

RUSH: Yeah, they had to have beer, otherwise they’d get scurvy. That’s why they call British people ‘limeys.’ If you’re crossing the pond, if you didn’t have something that had —

CALLER: Fermentation.

RUSH: Citrus fruit, whatever, you’d get scurvy. They used to take limes with them and the smart people used beer, and the pilgrims used beer.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Now, Diana, I don’t mean to insult you with this question, but I have to ask you —


RUSH: — are you familiar with the name Sydney Biddle Barrows?


RUSH: Sydney Biddle Barrows was known as the ‘Mayflower Madam’ here in New York. She ran a professional, uhhh… We’ll call it ‘escort service.’ She, too, claimed to have direct descendants to the Mayflower. That’s why she was called the Mayflower Madam. I think the family name that came over (and I’ll double-check this) was Biddle.

CALLER: No. I did not know that, but the story continues. That’s even better!

RUSH: It is. It is. You consult your family documentation and find out how close any of your family came to the Biddles that were on the Mayflower.

CALLER: We’ll have to follow up on that.

RUSH: I’m sure it will be fascinating discovery. (laughing)

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: Now look, this Drive-By Media stuff, it’s serious, but the point in describing the Drive-By Media that way, as Drive-By, is they’re just hit-and-run. They don’t report news, and they’re not interested in truth. All they want is to keep people worked up. They issue polls that show the American people think we’re going to hell in a handbasket, that we’re losing the war in Iraq, that George Bush is the worst thing — just get people constantly worked into a frenzy. It’s not journalism. It’s advocacy and the advancing of an agenda and they just come in and they do these little hits with these news stories and they move on down the road while people try to figure out what the hell just happened. The window just got blown out in front of the store. The Drive-Bys did it and they’re heading on down the road doing it again to another group of innocent people.

CALLER: It makes complete sense and I appreciate you taking my call.

RUSH: Thank you, Diana.

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