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RUSH: Here’s David in Scottsdale. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush. Longtime listener since the eighties.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’d like to give you my thoughts on why so many Clinton people are in there. I think the Clintons were experts at co-opting what was happening in the private sector during the nineties. They co-opted the Internet revolution, the computer chip, the processing, and the way we did business and took it as their own, so now what Obama is doing, he wants that same type of thing with energy which is the next big thing on the horizon —

RUSH: Wait just a second.

CALLER: — not where it’s supposed to be yet.

RUSH: David, hang on. I want you to help me understand something. How were the Clintons expert at co-opting the private sector? They co-opted the Internet revolution, what do you mean by that? They co-opted the computer chip, the way we did business, how did the Clintons co-opt that? What do you mean by that?

CALLER: Well, during the campaign they always referred back to what was happening in the nineties, how good the economy was. They’re claiming that they were in the driver’s seat. They were just in the car. The private sector was driving the economy.

RUSH: Oh, okay, you’re saying it was a myth that they did all it is stuff, but people think they did, so Obama wants people to think that he’s doing the same thing with the economy?

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: I got you. Okay.

CALLER: Now, as far as energy goes, energy is the next big thing out on the horizon. But I think it’s not where it’s supposed to be because it’s been overhyped, so now we have to pull back on all these crazy ideas because some of them are way out there ten, 15 years from now. He needs to be in office when they happen. It’s not happening in the next couple years.

RUSH: Right. There’s gotta be more than that to explain why he’s populating his administration almost thoroughly with Clintonistas.

CALLER: That’s part of it.

RUSH: Second term Clintonistas, by the way, too. Janet Reno is nowhere around, for example, and Roger Altman is nowhere around. These are second-term Clinton people that he is populating his administration with, and there are a lot of people, ‘Where’s the change here? What change? Where are the fresh new faces?’ It is puzzling. By the way, you know how stupid we all are? I’ve been beating myself over this since last night. I don’t know what made me just remember it. Well, this just goes to show you how easily we all get caught up in media hype. This Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State business. Everybody sitting around, why? What’s the big deal, having fun watching who’s leaking to who, who’s trying to cause problems, what’s this all about, why would Hillary even take it. And the most obvious answer, it probably occurred to a lot of you, it didn’t to me. I got caught up in the, wait a second, how in the world does she run for president, because you know she wants to. You know she wants to be president. You know that they want to get back in the White House.

So I’m asking myself, how in the world do they do that when she’s Secretary of State? She’d have to start running in 2010, 2011, there aren’t going to be too many people opposing him unless this turns out to be a disaster, and it could well be that. (whispering) Don’t tell a lot of people, just keep it between us. It could be bad. But they can’t count on that happening. Why would she put herself at Secretary of State where it would look very, very bad to leave that office and run against the guy that appointed you to that important job and so forth? It makes me think I ought to give back an hour’s pay which, believe me, folks, is substantial, for overlooking and missing this. What better way to undermine this poor little guy than within the State Department! Look how they undermined Bush. Look at how Powell and Armitage, with Libby, look at all the leaking of the battle plans, and the State Department people are very tight with people in the media. Of course, the media’s very tight with Obama in a symbiotic way. They just can’t let him fail, he’s just too historically important. But the whole notion of what better way to undermine the guy than being in his cabinet totally slipped my mind. This is how easy it is, folks, to forget just who the Clintons really are. I’m sorry about that.

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