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Rush’s Morning Update: Spies!
November 21, 2008

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My friends, this one borders on comedy. The New York City Police Department and the US Justice Department are fighting over secret terror investigationsand over the time it takes to get warrants approved to spy on the bad guys.

Now, what’s funny about that is that,this time around, it’s New York City that wants faster approval on the warrants…and the Bush Administration is putting on the brakes,demanding that the city painstakingly go through every legal hoop.

In a letter described as “testy,” New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told the Justice Department that New Yorkers were at riskbecause the feds were dragging their feet on the paperwork approval needed to conduct spying operations. “Consequently,” wrote Kelly, “the federal government is doing less than it is lawfully entitled to do to protect New York, and the city is less safe as a result.” The Justice Department fired back, accusing New York of demanding extraordinary surveillance measures that fall outside legal boundaries.

Well, hot damn, here, folks! Suddenly the powers that be in the East Coast’s liberal Mecca are echoing the very arguments the Bush Administration used to spy on terrorists, keeping us attack-free for seven years,andliberals lost their minds, demanding ever more regulations– which they got. And now there are complaints?

Not to worry, New York City, your Messiah will soon be installed. They are his spy rules now, so your problems should be over in short order…or, they could be just beginning. Take your pick. We’ll all be watching.

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