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RUSH: Today we start with Jerry in Phoenix. Nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: It’s great talking with you, Rush. How are you today?

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: All right. Really fast, I noticed that the Democrats were saying how we should all be unified and — and get away from the rancor (garbled) Bush, but I noticed that the gay activists in California, they lost. Why aren’t they gracious? They’ve been all angry, full of rage and protesting and knocking off ladies’ crosses. Well, why shouldn’t we be like them?

RUSH: Well, answer the question. Why is it that conservatives don’t protest and riot and so forth like the left does whenever they don’t get their way? You have a theory on it?

CALLER: Well, mostly we have a life and a job and we get to do things, but mostly we don’t have testicular leadership.

RUSH: Well, that’s like another thing, too That’s all true. But we also have a respect for the democratic process. When we lose we lose and we try to fight our battles internally (as is happening now), and we try to come back and win, and we always try to win by persuading as many minds and hearts as possible to agree with us. The left isn’t that way. They don’t care about persuading anybody. They are thugs, and they use these kinds of tactics. They will not tolerate defeat. Look at the Senate race in Minnesota. They’re trying to openly steal that. The democratic process does not limit them. There’s a big argument going on between gay rights activists and black activists. You know, the N-word is being thrown around by a bunch of leftists, these people of tolerance.

Isn’t it fascinating that these people who demand tolerance, particularly the militant homosexual groups that mobilize politically like this, they’re the ones demanding all kinds of tolerance for their lifestyles and their desires and who they are. They have none. You notice how so many liberal concepts are one way streets. Tolerance is a one-way street. They don’t have to tolerate anything. They don’t have to tolerate tradition. They don’t have to tolerate defeat. They don’t have to tolerate a majority opposing them. They don’t have to tolerate. They can protest and they can intimidate and they can get judges to overturn the will of the people if they want. They can go out and destroy, or try to destroy the churches that are populated by people that disagree with the militant gay rights agenda. So they don’t have to be tolerant.

We have to be tolerant. We have to be tolerant and understand their grievance as a minority, and when we enter the Democratic arena — say Prop 8 in California — and vote down the whole concept of gay marriage, well, they mobilize and start protesting and intimidating and so forth, and they’re not going to go away ’til they get this done. They’re not going to go away ’til they get this done. I call your attention to Prop 187 in California, same thing. People of California finally got fed up with paying for health care and welfare and social services for the children of illegals. So they passed Prop 187 in a huge majority, and of course the opponents of 187 took the whole thing to court, and a federal judge found that the whole proposition was unconstitutional, which is what they’re going to try to do here with Proposition 8. So, the playing field for us is never level and we do not engage in these kinds of tactics to intimidate, protest, and this sort of thing.

The battle for the heart and soul of the country is wide open, and it’s happening right in front of our eyes, and in this last go round, the American left won. But, isn’t it interesting…? Prop 8 is a good example. Isn’t it interesting where a solidly traditional American institution such as marriage is on the ballot, even in a place like California, look what happens. So if you simply have a party or a candidate who is willing to stand up and defend and promote all of these various American traditions and institutions rooted in our founding and rooted basically in conservatism, there is a whole army of Americans who would love to come out and vote and make that happen in landslide proportions. There is a blueprint for it. But, look, I’m just beating a dead horse here. Our party doesn’t have anybody in it like that right now, or didn’t in this election. We do have those people. It’s just a question of whether or not they bubble up and surface and want to carry on in some sort of a national way.

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