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“Too many Americans are historically illiterate and not strong enough of mind or willing to stand up in this battle of civilizations.” — Mark Davis

•WP: Guantanamo Closure Called Obama Priority
• AP-Obama: Reports: Kremlin Rejects US Missile Defense

Bush never got enough credit for protecting us in the War on Terror, partly because he’s kept our homeland safe since 9/11. The scary question is, will Obama?

• ABC: Biden Meets Cheney After Countless Jabs on the Campaign Trail

Don’t reward failing companies with taxpayer money through bailouts!

•NYT: GM’s Troubles Stir Question of Bankruptcy vs. a Bailout

“I believe that Governor Sarah Palin would change the Senate more than the Senate would change her. Let her walk those halls of Congress, folks.” — Mark Davis

• AP: Palin Urges GOP Governors to Keep Democrats Honest

• NYT: At Governors Meeting, Palin Looks Ahead

• UK Times: Sarah Palin Gives Strongest Hint Yet of Senate Run

Isn’t it interesting that guns and ammo are suddenly selling like hotcakes before Obama even takes office?

• The Torrington Telegraph: Gun Sales Skyrocket After Election

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