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RUSH: Salt Lake City, up in arms over my comments about the One World Cafe. This the place where you go in and eat whatever you want and pay whatever you want, including nothing, and they’re having trouble, obviously so. KTVX ABC 4 Eyeball News at ten, the correspondent Susan Wood.

WOOD: This is One World, where everyone who walks through the door eats whether they’re rich or poor. But Rush Limbaugh says it’s an American embarrassment. At One World there is no menu, just a variety of healthy food. You can pick and choose what you’d like and pay what you think is fair. But while the food may have a good taste, Rush Limbaugh says the cafe’s concept flies in the face of good American business practices.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I think she still thinks that she was doing a very altruistic, very compassionate, humanitarian thing — well, how you going to do that when you let the customers decide what they’re going to pay you?

WOOD: One World, like the rest of society, is facing challenges in tight economic times. ‘Til now they operated without time cards and kept a very loose rein on costs. Denise says she’s restructured the business including hiring new employees and a new head chef. But Rush says her business concept is stupid.

RUSH ARCHIVE: It’s not just mismanagement, these are a bunch of liberals. These are liberals playing games with the reality known as life.

CERRETA: Bless his heart. Well you know this woman is doing her purpose on this planet.

RUSH ARCHIVE: You think the One World Cafe serves beef?

UNIDENTIFIED CHEF: We have a pasta Bolognese salad.

WOOD: Now wait, this has ground beef? (On camera) But Rush condemns those who serve it.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Long-haired, maggot-infested, dope-smoking FM types.

CERRETA: What’s your favorite dish, Rush? I’m going to make it for you. Invite you out. Lunch is on me, Rush. Come on down, Salt Lake City, Utah.

RUSH: That’s Denise Cerreta, who runs the One World Cafe. It was very sweet, asking me to come down. Or over, as it were. Actually up and over for me, to Salt Lake City, go to the One World Cafe. If I’m ever in Salt Lake City, I’ll go by the One World Cafe if they’re still open and I’ll say hi. She’s doing her purpose on this planet. That’s lovely. How can you argue with that sentiment? The world is a better place because of the One World Cafe, there’s no question about it. Salt Lake City is a better place because of the One World Cafe. It’s her purpose on the planet. (interruption) No, no, no, Snerdley, when I mentioned this last week I said this is the best thing that’s ever going to happen to them is my talking about this because people angry at me are going to go in there and overpay now, just to keep the place going. Ultimately, I’m a great guy. I help all these liberals straighten their business out.

They’re upset also in Topeka over National Obama Day. Last night, KTKA-TV.

KENDALL JONES: Community activist Sonny Scroggins wants to make an official national holiday.

SCROGGINS: This is a holiday for We, the People.

JONES: The idea has even gotten Scroggins some unwanted national attention.

SCROGGINS: I’m asking Rush Limbaugh, would you please call your people off, Rush. Quit hating man. We’re all trying to come together.

RUSH: Wait a minute, now, Sonny, I’m not hating on you. I’m not hating anybody. You want a national holiday and you’re upset with national attention. What, do you want a stealth national holiday that only people in Topeka know about? You can’t do it that way.

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