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Rush’s Morning Update: Transformation
November 12, 2008

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For the past eight years, President Bush has been trashed as a dangerous idiot. He aimed Hurricane Katrina at New Orleans; he didn’t care about the suffering there. He was an international “cowboy” who waged war on that innocent man, Saddam Hussein, who was simply serving the masses in the paradise place called “Iraq”. And to America’s ever lasting shame, “Bush-Hitler” insisted on locking up terrorists at Club Gitmo. Why, he even deprived some of them of needed sleepand forced the mastermind of 9/11 to spill his guts by mistreating him!President Bush, according to the Drive-Bys, was the biggest disaster of the modern era– a dictator and a purelyevil man.

That is, until now. Suddenly, President Bush has become a “statesman.” Old Bush is bending over backward, leaving no stone unturned, to ease Lord Barack Obama the Most Merciful’s transition. Bush is “gracious”;he has made it clear that he won’t allow the Messiah, Lord Obama, to receive the kind of welcome he got when he came to office: a White House vandalized by mean-spirited Clinton staffers. So, at least for the moment, Bush has been rehabilitated in the eyes of the Drive-By Media.

What’s missing in this “transformation”, of course,of Bush the Evil to Bush the Graciousis the acknowledgement that he has always comported himself this way. Despite the relentless attacks these past eight years, George W. Bush has been a class act. That’s something thatcan never be said of his opponents– especially the Drive-Bys.

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