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RUSH: Let me expand on my Rahm Emanuel theory, and it’s fascinating the way Obama did this. Obama publicly says, ‘I’m going to offer the gig of chief of staff to Rahm Emanuel.’ Now, a lot of people don’t understand why it’s a big deal whoever the chief of staff is. The chief of staff sets the ideological tone in the White House. You don’t get to see the president without the approval of the chief of staff. The chief of staff is who really deals with all the staff. Some of the staff will occasionally be invited into the Oval Office to share their ideas or whatever with Obama, but the chief of staff will always be in there along with the — if there is one… Bush had a chief of staff all the time and he also had Rove in there. The chief of staff with Obama is probably going to see to it that there isn’t a Rove in the Obama White House.

There will be a Rove, but he’ll be in his office and he’ll communicate with Obama via memo, through the chief of staff. Now, the chief of staff, this is one of the most partisan Democrats around. He is a thug Democrat. He takes no prisoners. He has no desire to get along with anybody on the other side or traitorous leftists. If he thinks liberals are traitoring him out, he’ll go after them, too. That’s what it is. This, by the way, argues against this whole notion that so many doofuses on our side are now saying that there’s going to be a ‘centrist’ Obama. There’s no way! The appointment of Emanuel alone dispels the notion that there’s anything centrist about this. But, two things. Now, some are going to disagree with me about this because Rahm Emanuel also worked in the Clinton White House, and Clinton tried to sell out Israel a number of times.

You know, Arafat was the number one guest in Clinton’s White House (other than the women) and so people think, ‘Well, Emanuel was there, and it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter to Emanuel that Clinton was trying to sell out Israel.’ I think this is a little bit different because with Obama, let’s be honest. There are a lot of people in the Muslim world who think — and this is not me saying this. Don’t associate me with this, but we know this to be true. There are a lot of Muslims around the world who believe that they finally got one of theirs in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama. They think that they’ve got somebody. They know he’s a radical leftist, and they think he’s at least sympathetic, because they, too, are downtrodden (they think) like African-Americans in this country are downtrodden.

So they think they’ve got a sympathetic figure, at least, in the White House. Somebody who is not going to have it in for terrorism as much as George W. Bush did. Somebody who isn’t going to be as prone to use force. They think all of this. Now all of a sudden he names as his consiglieri, as his enforcer, his capo di tutti: Rahm Emanuel. Rahm Emanuel is all the other things I said, plus he’s Jewish. Now, this sends a signal to the Arab world that conflicts with what they believe. They probably are going to give it some time here, but my guess is, my theory — and I could be wrong about this, but my theory — is that we also know in the Muslim world that… I forget the word for it. They have a word for Muslims who flee the faith and join some other religion.

Of course, they put out fatwas on them like Salman Rushdie and this sort of thing. I think it’s entirely possible that when all is said and done, these people in the Islamic, Muslim world who think they’ve got a simpatico in the White House end up hating his guts. They’re going to end up hating his guts. They’re going to think that he’s a sellout. They’re going to think that he abandoned them. They’re going to think that he somehow has sold them out. Not personally, but in their strict code of conduct with their religion and so forth. If that is the case — and it’s a big ‘if’ and it’s just my theorem. But if it’s a big case, if it’s true, then the Arab world might get even angrier at us than they already are. (laughing) So we shall see, ladies and gentlemen. We shall see.

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