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RUSH: Here is Janet in Manhattan, Kansas. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Thank you for calling.

CALLER: Maha Rushie.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call. I’m really angry, and I feel like — especially with the Sarah Palin stuff going on. I’m almost ready for the Republican Party to implode and let’s start over from scratch with something else that reflects my values. I expect to be called an ignorant rube for being a conservative Republican, but I don’t expect it from my own party. I expect it from the left. I don’t know where to go from here. I feel cast adrift.

RUSH: Yeah. I know how you feel exactly. There is an internal war going on in Republican Party. I warned you of this during the campaign that —

CALLER: Yes, you did.

RUSH: — that the nomination of McCain signaled this.

CALLER: He was not my guy. You know, and I voted for him anyway. I stuck by him, and when he picked Palin, hallelujah. You know, the seas parted. You talk about The Messiah? She was the only person I had heard of in months saying things that I thought and felt, and now, you know, these rats jumping off the sinking ship are throwing her out.

RUSH: Here’s the way to… I would have to tell you, after this election, and where we are, you may have already gotten your wish.

CALLER: I hope so.

RUSH: The Republican Party may have already imploded or is in the process of imploding, whichever is the case. You might already be getting your wish.

CALLER: You know, I support a conservative worldview, and I feel like the people that are there, the people I have to choose from, for the most part, don’t reflect my worldview and are so easy and ready to capitulate.

RUSH: We have a farm team. We’ve got a farm team. We’ve got some people out there. Hang in there, Janet. Hang in there and be tough. You know, when they implode, for example, Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, they built Heinz Field. When they imploded the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, they built Lucas Oil field. Implosions can lead to bigger reconstructions. That’s what we face. And the country can’t do without a Republican Party, and believe me, there are enough of us that want the Republican Party to be our home to make it so. But we’re going to need you. You can’t cash out, out there.


RUSH: We go to Chicago. This is Art. Great to have you, Art. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Rush, thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: Okay, you know, I just wanted to tell you before I get to my comment that you say more in one broadcast than Obama and McCain said during their entire election campaign.

RUSH: (laughing) Thank you very much. I really appreciate that.

CALLER: Okay. Now, there is a name for what Chucky Schumer wants John McCain’s role in the new Senate to be, and what he may very well have been, you know, during this whole entire election cycle, and that name is a Judas goat. And I’d like to hear — well, I’m pretty sure about your comments.

RUSH: Judas goat. Is that what you said?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Let me just refresh people’s minds who weren’t here at the top of the hour. Chuck Schumer and a lot of Democrats are saying it’s great that the old John McCain’s back. It’s very, very good that the old John McCain is back. In fact, the Obama campaign is thinking of using McCain as a liaison from the White House and Obama to Congress to the Senate to help bipartisanship be speeded along, and Art here is referring to this as a Judas goat. Now, I thought Art was going to talk about the Republican Party, so we have been had. I guess he was going to get there, but time’s flying here, Art, thanks for the call. The Republican Party has lost its identity. You know, people are talking about it’s lost its brand, the Republican Party’s brand. What brand? That’s silly talk. Lost its brand? The Republican Party is a marketing thing. It’s lost its brand? No, it’s lost its identity, and the identity and brand are two different things. Well, it’s identity might have been stolen — okay, that’s a better point. The Republican Party’s identity has been stolen by a bunch people. The Republican Party needed LifeLock.

We thought that LifeLock was already contracted by the Republican Party. LifeLock protects anybody from identity them, but it didn’t protect the Republican Party. You see how easy it is for your identity to be swiped and stolen. It happened right under our eyes with the Republican Party. Imagine if they had had LifeLock. It happens to real people, identity theft out of control. You’re just one phone call away from protecting your own identity. LifeLock can stop identity theft before it happens and if they miss it, by the way, they guarantee to protect you up to $1 million. They fix it at their expense up to $1 million, whatever happens you are protected with LifeLock. The Republican Party should have used them and did not. You just got to LifeLock.com and save America. LifeLock.com or you call ’em, too, 800-440-4833. If you go to the website LifeLock.com, use the promo code Rush, special goodies await you there.

Susan in Queens, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush?

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. I love you dearly but please, tomorrow let’s not focus on McCain anymore. I realize we’re finishing up the third hour today, so as of tomorrow let’s not focus on McCain anymore. We need to move forward.

RUSH: Who’s focusing on McCain?

CALLER: Well, we did earlier in the program —


CALLER: — we have gone on to other topics.


CALLER: — since I originally, you know, came with this thought quite a while back.

RUSH: Wait a minute. We focused on Palin out there.

CALLER: Well, no, there was a lot of talk today about McCain and whether or not he said the right thing, did they do the right thing —

RUSH: Look, it’s instructive for the future. But okay, tomorrow — look, it’s Open Line Friday! You shoulda called then because you’re in charge of what we talk about then.

CALLER: Well, one more thing because I might not get through tomorrow. You just mentioned about marketing.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And that was one of the points I was hoping to make.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

CALLER: I am sorry, but I have to disagree. Marketing is a major factor in all of this. Obama was marketed and sold brilliantly. Do you agree with me on that?

RUSH: I do agree, but in this case you’re right in Obama’s case, because even the Drive-Bys are saying he’s a created figure, that we don’t know who the real Obama is. The Republican Party used to be real, it used to stand for things. Core principles don’t need to be marketed, they need to be articulated. Now, I know a lot of people who think conservatism needs better PR and marketing because the left has so successfully branded conservatives as racists and sexists and bigots and homophobes and so there are people who think the Republican Party or the conservative movement, rather, needs new marketing or branding. I’m talking about the party and people talking about needing to give it a new brand, the people saying that are those who want to become a more moderate, McCain-like party.

CALLER: Yes, but there are those who need to be marketed to because, unfortunately, they’re not educated on the issues —

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: And when we try to do it, we don’t do it in the right —

RUSH: Yes, we’re talking two different things, you’re using marketing in one way and I’m using it in another, a branding. You’re talking about selling.

CALLER: Yes, truly —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — because, for instance, the youth vote, we do not in my opinion know how to obtain this youth vote. And I believe this is a very important vote. And we’re assuming that they’re educated —

RUSH: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Do you know that the vote turnout was less this year than 2004?

CALLER: Well, that’s a shame. That’s a shame.

RUSH: The point is what youth vote are you talking about?

CALLER: Young people, Rush unfortunately today —

RUSH: It’s myth! It’s a myth! The youth vote didn’t show up this time. The turnout this year was lower than in 2004. The difference, as I just said, if you had been listening, 70% of unmarried women voted Obama. Generally who wins the presidency is who gets the male vote. Not this time.

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