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RUSH: By the way, the Cybercast News Service today has a really nice story on Belinda Davis from Kerrville, Texas, who we gave the car to. She ended up choosing a Chevrolet Tahoe. She was torn between that and a Suburban, and she chose the Tahoe. She’s the woman that called here last week. She was just worn out. Her and her husband have a jewelry business, and they’re just going broke, and they’re worried silly about what Obama… Well, they’re not going broke, but just getting harder and harder and harder. She was worried to death what was going to happen to Obama, or to the business if Obama was elected. I thought she had a cold; I told her to go get some Zicam, and she said, (muttering) ‘I don’t have a cold.’ So I ended up offering her a car. She thought I was teasing. She went out; she picked out the car. The dealership let her drive it off before I had wired the money.

She had the car a day or two before I got the wiring instructions. ‘Cause they trusted my good credit and my good name; and she also went out — she followed my advice — and she got some Zicam, the stuff that if you use it right, it will prevent your colds and might stop it dead in its tracks if you use it soon enough.


RUSH: Belinda Davis, to whom I gave a Chevrolet Tahoe was on Fox today. They interviewed her, and Gretchen Carlson said to Belinda Davis of Kerrville, Texas, ‘Rush gets a lot of hard knocks, but he bought you a $58,000 truck?’

DAVIS: Yeah, taxes included. We were just so blessed by this. He’s just so generous, so kind. We’re still pinching ourselves every time we go outside.

CARLSON: Let’s just say you called at the right time, Belinda. Here’s what Limbaugh says. He said, ‘You know, it was a whim. She sounded so tired, distraught, and frightened about her husband’s business future with an Obama victory that, aw, heck, I just thought I’d buy her a car.’ Is that how it went down?

DAVIS: Pretty much, yeah. You know, it’s just there’s so many people that work so hard every day. And, you know, where’s the notoriety for them? You know, fine, the movie stars, they get so much, so many millions have been put to his campaign, to Obama’s campaign, you know, they coulda helped a lot of people with their homes that have been foreclosed, a new car for them, too. And, you know, this is Rush just — what I was told, it was tugging at his heart, and I was just in the line of his heart.

RUSH: That’s Belinda Davis. There’s another bite, I don’t have time to squeeze it in here now, but I do remember one of the things that really bothered her was all these celebrities that were given all of this credit by endorsing Obama as being brilliant and smart and so forth, and she wondered why that was the case. There was just a lot frustrating her that day.

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