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RUSH: We’ll start in Peoria, and this is Steve. Hello, sir. Thanks for the call.

CALLER: Yeah, how you doing, Rush? You’re a great American.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: And welcome to mid-America. Question, just for the sake of argument. Should the Democrats win everything, how long will it be before the people who have elected these people in become disillusioned?

RUSH: How long before the people who elected these people become disillusioned?

CALLER: Three years, four years?

RUSH: No, no, no, no, no. I don’t think it’s going to take that long, because I think most people voting for Obama had no idea who he really is. I mean he’s a blank slate to them, he’s a symbol, and they have been able to make him whatever they want. In fact, Anne Applebaum today in the Washington Post has a pretty good piece. ‘Five Election Myths.’ Three of her election myths are these. ‘Democrats will be thoughtful and responsible with their new-found power. Single party rule is efficient.’ That’s another myth, and ‘the world will suddenly love us’ is another myth. None of these things are going to happen. ‘If Obama wins, our standing in the world will improve immediately just because he’s different. Unlikely. Congress and the White House under the control of a single party will function more efficiently. That isn’t true.’

They are going to be a lot of people you have to understand, especially some of the doofuses on our side that have endorsed him don’t even understand he’s a leftist. They just think that’s positioning. They think he’s going to be a ‘centrist.’ He’s not really going to be who he is. I think there are a lot of people are gonna end up having buyer’s remorse, but keep in mind a lot of people won’t. Forty-seven million people don’t pay income taxes. There are a lot of people who expect Obama to take care of them. Now, that also is problematic ’cause Obama can’t take care of all 47 million of these people, or you can’t take care of half of that. He can’t take care of 1% of that number. Hell, folks, he can’t even take care of his family, for crying out loud! Can we be blunt? His aunt lives in a slum. I feel like heading to the top of the Empire State Building and shouting this with the biggest megaphone I can find.

His Aunt Zeituni lives in a slum! And this is the guy with the biggest, most compassionate heart we’ve ever elected? His brother lives in a dirt floor hut, 9-by-12. Most of your bathrooms are larger than that. This guy, Obama’s brother lives in a hut on 12 bucks a year. But, you know what this question from Steve really gets at? What it really gets at, Steve wants some schadenfreude. Steve thinks we’re going to lose out there. Steve thinks Obama is going to win. So Steve wants Obama supporters in misery as soon as it can happen. He wants those people realizing they’ve goofed up and made a mistake and he wants to know how long it will take before they realize that. I can understand this, ladies and gentlemen. I can understand people wanting schadenfreude, wanting these Obama people to figure out…

It really, it boils down to this, doesn’t it? We all love seeing stupid people learn something. One of the greatest things in life is to see the stupid actually learn something. And that’s what Steve here in Peoria is basically saying. Obama’s people are a bunch of… They’re just glittering jewels of colossal ignorance, total, and at some point they’re going to figure out their mistake, and not only that, Steve wants them calling him on the phone begging his forgiveness. ‘I voted Obama, Steve, gosh, can you forgive me? I had no idea.’ Steve, ‘We tried to tell you. Now, leave me alone while we save the country from imbeciles like you.’ I know exactly what Steve’s thinking out there. That’s why I’m host and he’s a caller.

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