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RUSH: So I’m watching Fox News this morning because all these candidates are out doing these last-minute appearances, and Barack Obama is in Jacksonville, Florida; and I thought I saw something, but I wasn’t quite sure ’cause I just glanced at the screen and glanced away. Lo and behold, what I saw, I saw. This is a thug. This is not the first time this guy has done this. The staff knows what I’m talking about. I’m going to show you people on the Dittocam here in just a second. He did this to Hillary at one point. He’s up there… This guy does have a messianic complex. What he did, is he took a moment to congratulate McCain on a tough-fought presidential campaign by saying briefly, ‘At the end of this race, I want to congratulate John McCain on the tough race that he fought,’ and then he scratched his face with his middle finger.

As he complimented McCain on the race that he ran, he flipped McCain the bird. Ladies and gentlemen, those of you watching the Dittocam, I’m going to zoom in here now so that you can see this. There we are, a very tight shot there. That is unmistakable. Is it focused in there, Brian? Can you see this well enough? It’s a television camera shot, and I think the messianic complex that the guy has is such, he’s really mad that McCain would dare criticize him at all. He thinks, Obama actually thinks, that he has been treated unfairly, that his wife has been treated unfairly — while ignoring all of the typical hardball politics that his own campaign has dished out. Again, we’ve had so much happen in this race it just stuns me. I don’t know how a guy who has a brother living in a hut in Kenya and an aunt living in a slum in Boston gets away with saying he’s his ‘brother’s keeper.’

I don’t know how the guy gets away with claiming and making people believe that he’s going to fill our gas tanks and take care of their mortgages and make the world a better and safer place and everybody’s going to have plenty. I don’t understand how these things happen. And there are countless other examples.

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