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RUSH: Now, Aunt Zeituni living in the ‘Slum, Sweet Slum’ in Boston. Do you know that Aunt Zeituni attended Obama’s swearing in to the US Senate in 2004? She did, folks. She attended his swearing-in to the US Senate in 2004, Aunt Zeituni did. Campaign officials said that Obama provided no assistance in getting her a tourist visa. He doesn’t know the details of her stay. He doesn’t know how she got here. By the way, Aunt Zeituni’s life has not changed much since Obama’s rise to fame and power.

(playing of Obama spoof)

That’s Aunt Zeituni at the ‘Slum, Sweet Slum.’ Obama has no idea how she got here. She’s living in the US illegally. No idea how she got here. But she was at his swearing in. The media is even saying he hasn’t spoken of her. He hasn’t spoken of her? He wrote about her in one of his books. At any rate, the bottom line is Obama has run a slick campaign. He has been unchallenged by his liberal friends in the media. He’s had different messages targeted to different people in different regions in the country. He has spent over $600 million. Remember when the amount of money we spent on campaigns was horrible, it was so bad, what did it say about us, people are out there buying elections and so forth. Now all of a sudden it’s marvelous, now it’s wonderful. Thank you, campaign finance reform. I’ll tell you what else this means. Remember the old days of federal matching funds if you take public money? Who in their right mind running for office would ever take public money again? Who would ever do it? Frankly, I think taking public money was a joke in the first place, but who would ever do it now that it’s been shown that you can raise money from all over the world and nobody knows who’s contributing to you, as long as the amounts are under 200 bucks.

Six hundred million. Nobody is alarmed by all of this. He spent that $600 million trying to convince people that he is their savior, that he’s somebody who he’s not. He runs one kind of campaign in Philadelphia and a different kind of campaign in Scranton, and Erie, Allegheny County in Pittsburgh, same thing in Ohio, same thing in Virginia. He says one thing in northern Virginia, a different thing in southwest Virginia. And he has done this all over the country. But we know enough about him, all of us, wherever we live and work, to know that in the end, he wants to create an all-powerful federal government where politicians and bureaucrats dictate how people are to live. He wants to dictate which businesses live and which die. He wants to dictate how much you’re allowed to earn and keep and how much he will seize from you and give to people that pay no federal income taxes at all. Obama is and always has been a socialist, a radical socialist to boot. If he does become president, with no one or no institution able to put a check on his power because he’s going to have big majorities in Congress, he’s going to have the authority to impose his will and, as he says, fundamentally change the nation.

That’s no small thing. It’s one thing to say, ‘We’re for change and hope and the future,’ but when you start talking about fundamental change, that’s big stuff. He’s been honest about wanting to bankrupt the coal industry, and he’s going to get votes from coal miners. Coal industry leaders are saying, ‘This is a disaster, if he follows through with this,’ that’s an understatement. Of course it would be a disaster.

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