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RUSH: Here is Barack Obama at the University of Missouri-Columbia last night with 30,000 mesmerized, mind-numbed robots in the audience.

OBAMA: ExxonMobil announced that it had made the greatest profits of any corporation in the history of the world: $14 billion in one quarter. That’s all your money! You were, uhhh, paying it at the gas station.

RUSH: This is demagoguery, charismatic demagoguery. They didn’t steal anybody’s money, Obama, like you may have done or participated in with Tony Rezko! People purchased a product that ExxonMobil provided. They paid more taxes than any corporation in American or world history, Obama — and without their taxes, you wouldn’t even been able to dream about your redistributionist scheme. They paid a record amount of taxes. They didn’t steal anybody’s money. Again, the Democrat Party and their enemies list is America’s leading corporations. America’s leading corporations for advancement, improvement in quality of life, and for hiring people.


RUSH: NBC Nightly News last night, Brian Williams asked Obama, ‘It’s said on both sides of the issue, if it’s true, you’re not going to call a future justice into the Oval Office, bring up the subject of abortion. How do you also avoid surprises? How are you going to determine who to put on the court?’

OBAMA: Well, look, I think that you — what you can ask a judge is about their judicial philosophy. And so my criteria, for example, would be, uh, if a justice tells me that they only believe in the strict letter of the Constitution, uh, that means that they probably don’t believe in, uh, a right to privacy that may not be perfectly enumerated in the Constitution but, you know, that I think is there.

RUSH: Okay, so basically he said that his favorite justices are Souter and Breyer. Those are the people he wants. Look, this guy wants to overthrow the Constitution. This guy wants the courts to redistribute wealth. He wants to do everything he can to break down the capitalist system. He’s just said, (paraphrasing) ‘If they believe in the strict letter of the Constitution, they’re not my guys.’ He’s just admitted it, folks. The Constitution is not for Barack Obama. He’s gotta throw it out, gotta find somebody to put on the court that will also throw out the Constitution, can’t look at the original intent.

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