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RUSH: Moving on to audio sound bite seven, CNN, John King. This is on Anderson Cooper last night. It’s only five seconds. Listen up.

KING: We have Obama now already clinching the presidency, if he keeps what he has right now.

RUSH: Obama has clinched the presidency. This is with their polling signed in states and the electoral map, it’s over, he has clinched the presidency. David ‘Rodham’ Gergen was asked on the same show by Anderson Cooper, ‘How confident are you, David [‘Rodham’] Gergen that, Obama will win?’

GERGEN: I think there’s about a 90% chance, maybe higher. There has been a little tightening, but the last 24 hours it seemed to stabilize again. John King has now moved a couple of states over in the last couple of days, up to 291 in electoral count.

RUSH: John King moved a couple states over, so it’s over. Wait, wait, wait, wait — did the election happen last night? I mean I was listening to some music last night. Did the election happen and I didn’t know about it? Well, John King moved a couple states over, David ‘Rodham’ Gergen moved a couple states over, it’s over. This is part of the Obama illusion. This is what they’re doing. Anybody watching, they’re trying to — actually, I hope this backfires. I hope this makes Obama’s people more confident. We don’t even have to vote, my God, CNN just moved a couple states over. I can just see the Huffington Post blog, ‘Did you see John King just moved a couple states over, it’s over, we don’t even have to go vote, screw early voting, screw voting period.’

I’m going to tell you something, folks. If after all of this, all of this illusion, all these polls that showed massive landslides or pretty large margins of victory, if he loses, forget the riots. The Democrat Party in general is just going to go insane totally. They’re not gonna know what happened to them. Remember, after Kerry was leading in the exit polls and the exit polls proved to be false and faulty, at the end of the election a bunch of Democrats were actually saying, ‘What happened? The exit polls had him.’ They wanted to count the exit polls. They thought the exit polls were accurate, the real votes were not, and they wanted to find where the fraud had been. Now, the Drive-Bys, ladies and gentlemen, are using a New York Times poll to attack Sarah Palin in the final weekend. Diane Sawyer talking with George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America today.

STEPHANOPOULOS: There is a new poll out showing one more time that people sort of think a little bit less of Governor Palin. New York Times poll showing about 59% of voters say she’s not qualified, and it’s clear across a range of polls now that the Palin choice has hurt John McCain with some of the voters he was targeting, some of those undecided women voters, maybe moderates up in places like the Philadelphia suburbs they were hoping to attract with Sarah Palin. But the bottom line now is that while Joe Biden seems to have helped and made people feel better about Barack Obama, the pick of Sarah Palin seems to have made them feel worse about John McCain.

RUSH: It is breathtaking to see how 180 degrees wrong these people are and to witness their worldview being an alternative one that nobody else can recognize. McCain would be nowhere were it not for Sarah Palin. I have this New York Times story they’re all talking about: ‘A growing number of voters have concluded that Sarah Palin is not qualified, weighing down the Republican ticket.’ McCain has been chipping away at Obama’s lead with Palin. It is Biden who is the drag, if there is a drag. Palin is carrying this ticket. I’ll tell you something else that Stephanopoulos was dead wrong about there, and that is women, women are outraged over how Palin has been treated by people like Stephanopoulos and the rest of the Drive-By Media. Last night on Nightline, Cynthia McFadden also talked with Stephanopoulos. Stephanopoulos was up late last night, had to get up very early today to go on Good Morning America. This could be part of the problem. Cynthia McFadden said, ‘Was Sarah Palin a mistake?’

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, if John McCain wins on Tuesday, the short answer is no. If he loses, that’s the question I’d most like an honest answer to.

RUSH: What an answer that is! If he wins, she was not a problem at all, she wasn’t a mistake. If he loses — he had the answer this morning. He must have slept on it. That was last night. I’ve seen biased media, I’ve never seen a media so detached from the reality of the country that they are covering. Now, let’s go back to last night on World News Tonight, Charlie Gibson spoke with Stephanopoulos. Stephanopoulos was everywhere yesterday, was on Good Morning America, he was on Charlie Gibson, he was on Nightline. Charlie Gibson said, ‘I want to talk about the early voting that we’re seeing. I have a question. Certainly there’s an advantage, people get to register their choice early, they avoid the crowds, but they don’t see the whole campaign play out.’ Now, by the way, avoiding crowds, have you seen the lines of people standing in line in Florida to vote early? They’re longer than on Election Day. I looked to see if there is a place to early vote here, and there’s not. I’d have to go over someplace on Military Trail. I won’t go there if I had Larry with me. Anyway, here’s what Stephanopoulos said.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And that is the philosophical argument against it, that voters were voting with varying degrees of information. They may miss some last-minute news. And, Charlie, the last few competitive elections we have seen some surprises going into the weekend before the election. This year, because there are so many early voters and those battleground states are so saturated with ads and people seem to be so dug in, that those last-minute surprises this year are likely to have less impact than ever.

RUSH: Let me translate for you. Even an October Surprise cannot help McCain. Hey, Stephanopoulos, the October Surprise has been this so-called manufactured economic plunge.


RUSH: Now, as to John King at CNN. He just moved a couple states for Obama last night. That’s it! It’s over! He moved a couple states over. Then Stephanopoulos says it’s over, and he said not even an October Surprise could save John McCain, and they’re out there saying that Sarah Palin is a drag. Do you remember how wrong all these people were in the primaries? They said that Obama was going to win New Hampshire, and Hillary did. They were wrong. They didn’t think McCain had a chance in New Hampshire.

If you go back and remember, they thought McCain was toast in New Hampshire. They were wrong there. In 2004, Chuck Todd, the NBC political director today, said that John Kerry would win in a landslide — and he’s still the NBC political director today, and he says the race is over now. Now, these so-called reporters are wrong more often than they are right. They were made to look like fools in 2002, in 2004, and this year they stand a good chance of looking like fools as well. But all they do is report on themselves. That’s what media has become. Media reports on itself. John King will do a story on the CBS/New York Times poll. And then NBC will do a story on the CNN, whoever they poll with. And then CBS will report the NBC/ Wall Street Journal poll, and they’ll all talk about the ABC/Washington Post poll. They do their work for each other. They write their stories and they do their on-air commentary for each other. It’s just that simple, ladies and gentlemen.

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