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RUSH: I’ve got an e-mail: ‘Rush is your gut still telling you nothing about the outcome of the election?’ My gut tells me a lot. About the election it’s not telling me — no, I still don’t have a gut feeling about this. I really don’t. If I did, I would share it with you. As I said, my gut tells me that this country is not stupid enough to respond in a sycophant way to the unfair, totally biased, unprofessional, malpractice media that we’ve had during this campaign. My gut tells me that the American people, a majority of the American people who vote do not want socialism. I cannot believe that a majority of people in this country really want to have somebody with no experience, no leadership skills, no accomplishments to run the country. But then I say the economy could turn everything around and make people act irrationally. It’s a huge issue every election when the economy is perceived to be as bad as this one is.

One of the problems, folks, for me, generally when your gut feeling, instinct, is the result of a certain degree of knowledge, there has to be a foundation of knowledge to support a gut instinct and we just don’t believe anything from the media. We don’t have a lot of info we trust. We have no information that we trust. I don’t know who among us can trust any of these polls. The polls and the media reports bear no resemblance to what we see on television when McCain or Palin show up for a rally versus when Biden shows up. Last night at the infomercial, they ended up with Obama in a live two-minute close. The place where he was was not full, it was somewhere down in south Florida. It was not full. There were obvious empty seats. But what I’m struggling with, they tell us the world is ending with global warming. We’ve got snow in London. Record cold swept over Florida Tuesday night and Wednesday night. We haven’t been this cold in Florida in 122 years in certain parts of the state, and that coincides with Algore coming down here to finish off and close the argument for Obama in Florida.

Record for October 29, the low was 33, second lowest temple ever recorded in October since 1850. It did hit 32 degrees in October 1989 but it didn’t last long. Snow in London this early hasn’t happened in I don’t know how long. They’re already having snowstorms that close schools in parts of this country and yet they tell us that the world is ending because of global warming. We do not know what to believe. Nothing that we hear is anything we can believe from anyplace in the media. So we just don’t have enough information to work off of. These latest polls do seem to be a little bit more honest, and they are tight, tight, tight. And even Chuck Todd, who, what, three weeks ago said, ‘It’s over, I’m looking at the polls, it’s over.’ Now he’s covering his rear end because McCain can still win this. So we just don’t know, and I refuse anecdotal stories, even when people call here and tell me how excited things are where they live or what they saw when they were driving around, that’s just all anecdotal.

Folks, one of the reasons I’m being cautioned on this gut stuff, 1992, as we know, George H. W. Bush didn’t seem to appear interested or taking his reelection seriously for most of the campaign because he didn’t think the country would elect Bill Clinton. Remember? And they seemed oblivious to the Perot factor. But finally in late October, mid-October, that campaign got in gear, and they asked me to introduce the president at a rally out in New Jersey, and I went out there and I did that and it was just teeming with people, and the place was going nuts, not just when I showed up, but when the president showed up as well. And then I got a couple calls from Air Force One during the last week of the campaign from Senator Dole, and I said, ‘I’m getting the sense there’s real big movement out there.’ ‘Oh, yeah, no question a lot of movement out there.’ And there wasn’t. There was no movement. Clinton had 43 percent, Bush a little bit lower than that, and Perot in there mixing it up. I’m playing this close to the vest. I would love to tell you folks that I think a giant surprise is coming, but I don’t have a sense one way or the other. That’s why we all need to focus on voting, and I know there’s so much anger, this birth certificate thing, whatever things there are that you think the media is hiding, this LA Times tape, let it get you to the polls, whatever it is that’s got you irritated, let it get you to the polls. That’s what matters here.

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