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Rush’s Morning Update: Change?
October 30, 2008

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My friends, should Democrats win the White House and a veto-proof Congress, one of their top priorities is the deceptively-named “Employee Free Choice Act”; itought to be called the “Union End-of-Choice Act.”

In return for the millions of dollars spent by unions electing Democrats, this measure would punish American businessesby allowing unions in with a simple majority vote. To make sure employees vote in favor of unions, the Act strips the right of workers to cast secret ballots! Union thugs would thus be able to identify workers opposed to unionsso they could be harassed or intimidated into casting a pro-union vote.

Now, as hideous this Act is,don’t view it in isolation. It’s just one of the threats American businesses face from Democrats in power.Obama has promised a Big Government health care plan that will force business to subsidize the nation’s uninsured. He has also promised to raise capital gains tax rates –choking off investment– and to raise taxes, which will also punish employers.

The options left for American businesses are predictable. To avoid higher labor costs, they will outsource millions of jobs overseas. Entry level hiring will slow dramatically. Layoffs will, of course,increase. Many businesses forced to unionize will endure labor strikes– before caving in to demands. American productivity will slow down. Stifled by unions, individual high achievers will find their path to advancement blocked.

This is not change to believe in, folks; it’s change to cripple this countryfor generations — and they’re doing itwith that purpose.

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