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RUSH: Imagine, folks, if you talk to your girlfriend or your wife the way Democrats talk about America. They profess to love America. Obama professes to love America. But they spend 24/7, 365 pointing out all of America’s imperfections. How would this go over if you said things like this to your wife or girlfriend? Honey, I love you, I really do, but God, I really hate your life history. Some of the people in your family, all those good deeds and so forth, intentions and so forth. But look at these people that you have in your background and your family. I actually think because of your family you’re a rotten racist homophobe, you’ve stolen everything that you have. You didn’t earn it. You’re out there, you’re using way too much electricity; you’re wasting gasoline and so forth. You’re destroying the planet. I love you, honey, but you’re destroying the planet, and you don’t even care. I hate it when you disagree with me, by the way. In fact, I want you to shut up. And if you don’t shut up, I’m going to get somebody in here that will make you shut up. I’m going to sew your mouth shut. But I still love you. I don’t like the way you look. Your rear end is too big; you need bigger breasts; you need a face-lift. Look at what you’ve let happen to your nature. You have torn your nature up. You are destroying your nature. All these things that you’ve done, you’re horrible. But I love you.

Whatever you’re going to do to fix yourself, I want you to pay for it out of your pocket, and if I’m unsatisfied with the results, I’m going to berate your history; I’m going to berate your looks. And if you disagree that you’re either too religious or gun oriented or stupid to understand it, I’m going to make sure you understand that you’re nothing but a bitter person clinging to your religion and your guns because there may be people moving next door to us that you don’t like. But I love ya and I do want to be your guy. By the way, honey, everybody else hates you, too. Until you straighten yourself out, everybody in the neighborhood’s going to hate us. It’s up to you straighten yourself out. Well, this is what Democrats say, it’s the UN analogy. They claim to love us, all the while running this country down every opportunity they get.

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