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RUSH: Hey, Snerdley, is Algore coming to town, do you know? Don’t waste any time looking it up. He’s gotta be coming to town. We’ve got a cold front coming in here tonight and tomorrow night. We got 58 degrees tonight and 56 degrees tomorrow night. Folks, I have lived here since 1997. We have never had a cold front like this come through here in October. And I figure every time Gore does a global warming thing, horribly cold, inclement weather — last time it happened was up at Harvard, they had snow and rain and so forth. Greetings, folks. Nice to have you with us. A full week of broadcast excellence is on tape. Great to have you. Rush Limbaugh, behind the Golden EIB Microphone. Telephone number is 800-282-2882, if you want to be on the program. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Where did this tape come from? Where has this tape been, this tape of Obama when he was a state senator and a constitutional scholar. After listening to this tape — and we got sound bites coming up — I don’t know how this guy can take the oath of office and be honest. I don’t know how he can put his hand on the Bible and swear an oath to defend and protect the Constitution when he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t agree with it, wants to rip it to shreds. He wants the Supreme Court to do it. This is striking stuff. Did Hillary put this out? Where was this during the primaries? I think we now know, ladies and gentlemen, why we have not seen any of the written records of Obama at Columbia University or at Harvard Law, because this is the kind of stuff he wrote about. That stuff’s probably been shredded and burned by now. It’s just striking stuff. A lot of people are sobering up here and starting to ask themselves, ‘Just what is this election all about?’

The Democrats are pushing now for a 60-seat majority in the Senate. Now, what that would mean is that they would be filibuster-proof. This has happened twice in the recent past, and the San Francisco Chronicle has a story on this, Democrats closing in on a Senate majority. ‘Although still a long shot, they have raised their goal to a magic and rare 60 members, a filibuster-proof majority of enormous significance.’ The last time that this happened was during the Jimmy Carter presidency, and you know what happened during the Jimmy Carter presidency. The left was left unchecked and it was able to implement what it believes, and you remember — some of you may not because of your youth — but the four years of Jimmy Carter made this economy look like utopia. I kid you not. We got 6.1% unemployment, people are working, they are still earning money. The gasoline price now down 53 cents in two weeks, and right on cue, the Drive-Bys have a story about how this is not good for the economy. This might actually hurt the economy. There are so many stories from the Associated Press. Jennifer Loven has a story in the Associated Press today that is a print Lewinsky for Obama.

I have got so many stories here that you couldn’t describe ’em as anything other than literary Lewinskys. It’s striking to watch all of this. I was in Pittsburgh yesterday for the Steelers and the New York Giants, and that place was sold out, as are all NFL stadiums. It’s not cheap to go there. Everywhere you look economic activity is taking place. We’ve got the subprime problem, and it’s huge, and it’s directly traceable to the Democrats. I like what McCain did today. He had this big economic press conference today with all of his economic advisors behind him, and he was on fire, was actually a good speech, and he started tying Obama to Pelosi and Obama to Reid. Obama’s been out there tying McCain to Bush, and it’s about time he tied, McCain did, Obama to these Democrats. In two years, Pelosi and Reid have been running the show and you can go back and you can check statistics from 2006, and you take a look at the way things were during the first six years of the Bush economy, take a look at the last two years with the Democrats unchecked in the House of Representatives and so forth, you can see the economic disaster.

The last time the Democrats ran the show in the Senate was in the Carter years and before that. When do you think the last time prior to the Democrats having a 60-seat majority in the Carter years was, Mr. Snerdley? That’s exactly right, during the Lyndon Johnson presidency when the Democrats had 60 seats is when we got the Great Society, is when we get the War on Poverty, which was the war on the black family. It is when we got all of these entitlement programs here that have just ripped this country to shreds, and there’s nothing that can be done about them, per se. And now this redistribution stuff, the redistribution of wealth, the Obama campaign’s very worried about this. They and their supporters and their campaign staff and the Drive-By Media are out there saying, ‘It’s just a distraction. Redistributing wealth, why, it’s just a distraction.’ A distraction? Yes, it’s a distraction because you don’t want it to become one, you don’t want it to take away from your lying message that Obama’s putting out to people.

This business, it’s very simple. Obama says 95% of Americans are going to get a tax cut. Right? I can disapprove this in two sentences, maybe three. The Bush tax cuts expire when, Snerdley, 2010? You’re three-for-three so far in the first segment. You’re going to get a cost-of-living increase. So we have the Bush tax cuts, which are going to expire in 2010. Obama is going to let them expire. That is a tax increase. I don’t care you make 25, 45, 50 — by the way, and he’s lowered the $250 threshold now to $200,000, did this over the weekend. Very slyly he snuck this in. Now he says if you’re over $200 grand you’re going to get a tax increase. The bottom line is everybody’s going to get a tax increase because the Bush tax cuts are going to expire, they’re not going to be re-implemented, so right there your taxes are going to go up. The Obama campaign is trying to say, ‘This is not a tax increase, it’s not a tax increase. It’s just a tax cut expiring.’ Well, the practical effect of it is you’re going to have less disposable income. And then from there is where Obama’s going to apply the rest of his tax increases.

But I have had enough of Obama and his lies and the people who lie for him. We’ve had here 18 months of propaganda, class warfare, intimidation, race baiting. We are all supposed to suspend our intelligence and buy into this guy as some kind of redemptive figure. He preaches socialism; he preaches envy; he preaches racism; he tears down America and our society. He tears down the American people. He then claims to represent the middle class when the middle class is his target. Make no mistake about this, the middle class is his target. How? Because he wants to totally control their lives and he wants, based on these tapes, he wants the Supreme Court to do it, and if they won’t do it, he wants to do it legislatively. Mark Steyn had another great line in a piece at National Review Online Friday or Saturday, I forget which. He said, you know, Jack Kennedy went out there in his inaugural address and he said, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.’ Today that’s become, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, demand it.’

We really have a seminal election here. We are going to find out just where the American people are on this whole ideological question of the role of government in people’s lives. If enough Americans are going to show up and vote because they believe that because they are Americans they are entitled to the federal government solving their problems, providing their income and their economic security, then we’re in big trouble. We are in huge trouble. Now, I don’t think the argument is quite that simple for the very frustrating reason that our campaign has not contrasted our ideological point of view with Obama’s. In fact, Pete Wehner, my old buddy who worked with Karl Rove in the White House, has now got a piece in the Washington Post today, he said, this notion here that conservatism is dead is silly. If you look at Obama since the Democrat convention, he’s tacked right. Look, he’s talking tax cuts! He’s lying about it, but he’s talking tax cuts. He’s talking Second Amendment. He is trying to make sure everybody understands he’s not who he is. You win elections in this country tacking to the right. I don’t care who you are. We still have the intellectualoids and the elites our side saying that way of thinking is over. They were on television all day yesterday saying that in the discussion areas of various Sunday morning TV shows.

Folks, it is time here for some truth and some urgency. This whole notion that redistributing wealth is a distraction, is not a distraction, it’s the core. It is the very core of this election. And I, for one, am fed up with Obama and his liars telling us what to think, spending hundreds of millions of dollars in propaganda snippets which they call campaign commercials. We don’t need to be told who we are. We don’t need to be told what’s relevant, how to think, and what’s a distraction. When a candidate proposes to use the power of government to steal money from tens of millions of citizens to give to other citizens who have not earned it, it’s socialism. We’re not supposed to mention that. Socialism, that’s a distraction. We’re not supposed to say the word Marxist. It’s not productive. So we’re being told we can’t be truthful. Why? Because it would hurt The Messiah. Obama said it. He believes this. He taught this. Obama organized around it. When you hear the excerpts of this tape from 2001, you will know that this is who he is. He is an unaccomplished socialist ideologue. He’s a demagogue as well, a charismatic demagogue.

He will have the power to destroy our economic system if given the chance, and if he gets 60 votes in the Senate, and he’s going to do so with a smile, with platitudes about fairness and screwing the rich and all the usual socialist rhetoric. And if he gets the chance, he’s going to shut down those who object to it. Fairness Doctrine will be on its way, Democrats in Congress will propose it, he will not veto it, even though he has said he doesn’t agree with the Fairness Doctrine. He’s already attacking Fox News on a regular basis, every chance he gets he attacks Fox News. His flunkies are already talking about eliminating talk radio, and the Drive-Bys are all for that, by the way, make no mistake. The Drive-Bys don’t like the competition the New Media has provided. I think one of the reasons the Drive-Bys are blindly supporting Obama — I don’t know how blindly they are, but they would love for us to be shut down, folks, they would love to return to the days of their monopoly.

So there’s a lot at stake here. His campaign, Obama’s campaign has tried to unleash federal prosecutors, a private group, against a private group that opposes him. And if you think the economy is bad today, you wait, you wait for his massive tax increases on the middle class, which is going to happen in 2010, and he doesn’t have to do anything, when the Bush tax cuts expire. There are going to be massive tax increases on your employer. You think 6% unemployment is high now? If he gets 60 seats in the Senate and Pelosi does her magic in the House, there is no Republican opposition anywhere, we’re back up to 12% unemployment just as we were during the Jimmy Carter years. You think the financial markets are a mess today, you wait and see what happens to them when they are taxed beyond their ability to pay, what happens to mortgages and bank accounts, and when the economy comes crashing down, who do you think Obama will blame, what do you think he’ll do? The ground has already been set for massive nationalization, including your pension plans. We talked about it last week.

When he crashes the economy, it will be time for another crisis measure, and that will be nationalizing everything because the first attempt didn’t quite get it right. I saw a report on Fox this morning, I have not seen it anywhere else; I’m looking. They had some Republican congressman on from somewhere. There’s a report out there that the banks who are getting some of this bailout money are using the money for bonuses for their executives, or want to. I haven’t seen it other than it was reported on Fox today. Your pension plan’s going to be taken, your 401(k) is going to be destroyed, the government is going to take that over. We had that for you last week. If you think this is just another election, if you think Obama’s just like a centrist Democrat and if you think we can take a chance with such a man on the basis of change, then you’re living in a dream world.

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