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“If you think Obama’s just a centrist Democrat we can take a chance with on the basis of ‘change’, then you’re living in a dream world.”

“I would like to calculate how many people have been killed by liberalism — not counting abortion. You throw abortion in there, we’re in the gazillions. But, for example, how many people are dead because we eliminated DDT?”

“Obama says that 95% of Americans are going to get a tax cut under this plan. I can disprove this in three sentences. The Bush tax cuts are going to expire in 2010. Obama is going to let them expire. That is a tax increase.”

“Obama’s a charismatic demagogue, and as president he will have the power to destroy our economic system if given the chance. And if he gets 60 votes in the Senate, and he’s going to do so with a smile and shut down those who object to it.”

“Barack Obama, ladies and gentlemen, calls himself a constitutional scholar, but in truth Barack Obama is an anti-constitutional scholar. He studied the Constitution and flatly rejected it.”

“Before redistribution comes confiscation, and after comes exerting control backed up by the force of law. Redistribution is the least frightening part of socialism. What comes before and after is what shocks like a Taser.”

“The left has made it acceptable that certain lives can be eliminated based on the convenience to the living, and so the damage to the overall culture and the definition of why we are a country — why we are America — begins itsslow erosion.”

“Senator Obama closed his case today for the presidency with a promise: to restore economic prosperity and a ‘higher purpose’ to an embattled nation. Now, the audacity of that offends me; the Declaration of Independence is our purpose! We don’t need a damn politician to give us purpose!”

“The government of Barack Obama will not incentivize success at all, it will be just the opposite: it will incentivize doing nothing. It will incentivize laziness. It will provide incentives for anger and class warfare and rage.”

“Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Washington, Hamilton — to Obama, they created a ‘charter of negative liberties’? This is perverted! I mean, some people call this radical, but I call it perverted!”

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