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RUSH: This is Angela in Kalamazoo, Michigan, I’m glad you waited. Nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. You’re a great American.

RUSH: Thank you, ma’am.

CALLER: I’m originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and I recently moved to Michigan for my job and —

RUSH: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


RUSH: You moved to Michigan for a job?

CALLER: I know, it’s really unbelievable.

RUSH: What do you do? I mean a lot of people would like to know that there are jobs available in your field.

CALLER: Well, I’m actually a resident physician.

RUSH: Oh, okay. Yeah. Yeah.

CALLER: Yes. I moved to Michigan to do my residency.

RUSH: I got you.


RUSH: There are always going to be sick people. Yeah. Okay, good. Now we know.

CALLER: Okay. This is sort of my question or my comment. I’m a Jewish woman, and I have been recently very disturbed by Jesse Jackson’s comments he made, you know, the comment last week about Zionism and a derogatory comment about Jews in general.

RUSH: He denied it.

CALLER: Yes. Yes.

RUSH: Denied it the next day. Said he didn’t say it.

CALLER: Oh, okay. Okay.

RUSH: He didn’t actually deny it. He said he didn’t like the way the press reported it.

CALLER: Okay. Well, I’m a McCain supporter. I’m a little worried about Obama’s associations with Jesse Jackson and Farrakhan’s views. You know, I heard this morning just on Fox News how very few Jews are voting for McCain, only about 30 to 38%. Would you please remind Jews out there of Obama’s association and comments made that are anti-Semitic?

RUSH: Won’t matter.

CALLER: Won’t matter.

RUSH: Liberals are liberals first.

CALLER: Okay. That’s a bad state of America.

RUSH: Liberals and Democrats are Democrats and liberals first. That’s the only explanation for this. I’ve been mentioning this, yesterday I did an in-depth explanation of a world-renowned Jew hater who is a close friend of Obama, Rashid Khalili or something like that. And he’s still around, he’s close to Obama, Obama has not distanced himself from him. I mean, Obama’s gotten campaign donations from Hamas.


RUSH: But the ideological party affiliation with a lot of people is the only thing that matters. That’s first, and then some of this other stuff might permeate and change their mind later, but I don’t think it’s going to matter. In fact, I think the attachment to Obama and most of his supporters is emotional anyway, and so what happens when you go out — like if we were to target Jewish voters, for example, there are lots of them here in south Florida, and of course New York, and if I were to make an impassioned plea to them to listen to me, they would think I’m lying, you know, I’m a conservative Republican. And they think conservative Republicans, you know what they think of them.


RUSH: They would think I’m lying and they would not take kindly to my criticism of Obama.

CALLER: Okay. Okay.

RUSH: It’s one of these things that’s puzzled — it’s like, you could make the same argument about African-American voters.

CALLER: Hm-hm. Yeah.

RUSH: You could point out to them what two generations of support for the Democrat Party has led them to: broken families, continual rage and anger, they got preachers keeping them on the fit of rage each and every day, blaming America for their lack of progress, yet every other immigration group comes into this country and thrives and survives inside of a generation. For all these years they have been taught that the Republican Party’s the white man’s party and that America is white man’s greed. And no matter what you tell them factually, they’re going to reject it because their attachment to all their things politically are actually emotional.

CALLER: Well, I know a lot of Jewish people that are the old-time Democrats, don’t even know what a Democrat really is, but, you know, they’ve been voting Democrat all of their lives.

RUSH: Well, what happens when you tell them — it’s one thing for me to tell ’em — what happens when you tell ’em?

CALLER: Well, when I tell ’em I think what they basically believe is that if they don’t vote for Obama, they’re racist. And I think that’s what a lot of mainstream media has told them. I have very few Jewish friends who are voting for McCain. Actually, I don’t even have one Jewish friend that is voting for McCain. They’re all voting for Obama.

RUSH: You don’t have one Jewish friend voting for McCain?

CALLER: Yeah, yeah.

RUSH: All your Jewish friends are voting for Obama?


RUSH: And so it’s white guilt.

CALLER: I think so. Yes, I do.

RUSH: Well, who’s going to know?

CALLER: What do you mean, who will know?

RUSH: The vote is private. You go into the ballot box, you vote however you wish, they’re only going to know if you come out and say so.

CALLER: Right. Right. I agree, but I think —

RUSH: So you think that they want people to know that they voted Obama because they don’t want to be thought of as racist?

CALLER: Racist, yes.

RUSH: Well, you’re right. This is something that’s being pushed in the media, and it has been throughout the Obama campaign. We’ll see how many of them actually do it, you know the Bradley Effect —


RUSH: — Wilder Effect, whatever you want to call it, we’ll see how many people actually do it. Okay, so you don’t have any Jewish friends that are voting for McCain, yet they are still your Jewish friends?

CALLER: Not very close friends. They’re more of just, you know, associations, acquaintances that I know through a temple. Close friends, no, I don’t have any Jewish close friends, for that very reason. I’m a conservative person. I like to surround myself with like minds.

RUSH: That just illustrates my point even further. It’s not only an emotional attachment and the Democrat Party or liberalism comes first, it also is a determining factor in who they will associate with and who they will be friends with. This is all liberals and Democrats. This is not just related to Jewish people or black people.

CALLER: No, I agree. And when I have brought up, you know, the fact of Jesse Jackson or Reverend Wright or Bill Ayers, you know, they really just rationalize it away and say, ‘Oh, well, he didn’t really know, he was just a passing acquaintance,’ and we all know that’s untrue.

RUSH: See, now, the explanation for that is that they know they’re lying to themselves on that. They have built this little cocoon of security in which they live. Something like that would shatter the cocoon and the alternate reality that they’ve set up. They don’t want to be challenged with that, they don’t want to think they’re wrong, so they make excuses for the guy. Again, this is all emotional. While I have you here, there’s a story from Kansas City, a Reuters story.

CALLER: Hm-hm.

RUSH: Headline: ”Ugly Election Incidents Show Lingering US Racism’ — Two weeks before an election that could install the first black US president, scattered ugly incidents have reflected a deep residue of racism among some segments of white America.’ And then they go on and give examples of a ‘cardboard likeness of Barack Obama was found strung from fishing wire at a university,’ and all these things. Now, the purpose of this story — I have a theory about why the country is in the situation it is in, it’s based on learning about Reverend Wright and based on learning about William Ayers. I mentioned this the other day. I’ve been puzzled my whole life why, in the most prosperous country on earth, the country with the greatest opportunity for everybody, a country that everybody in the world’s trying to get into, how is it that people born here, certain people born here hate it, despise it, distrust it? How is it that these people who are born here and despise it and distrust it can see immigrants coming into this country and running rings around everybody using the work ethic they grew up with in their original countries, their native countries, how is it that they can see all of these people and all of this prosperity and get mad and get angry?

I’m convinced it’s because they have preachers in a lot of places like Jeremiah Wright who are telling them they have no chance, that rich white people — ‘rich white people!’ — and this is white man’s greed is what western civilization is all about. That’s part of what Obama believes, what he grew up believing, it’s what Bill Ayers is teaching today. I think, I really do, after having studied this, I really think that the deep unrest, not just racial, the deep unrest in this country, primary the racial divide, though, I will admit this, has been fostered purposefully for the eventual attempt to destroy capitalism in this country and turn it into socialism by creating more and more and more and more dependent people who have been made dependent by a bunch of liberal Democrats who have been told that they have no chance in this country anyway because white greed or this greed or Wall Street greed or whatever is going to forever keep ’em down. So of course they’re going to be mad, if their parents tell them that, if their preacher tells them that, if they go to school, they hear that from a professor or a teacher, they can’t help but escape it. And so they end up constantly angry and enraged. When I see stories like this from Reuters, ‘Ugly election incidents show lingering US racism,’ the media is every bit a part of this, too.


RUSH: They want this country at war with itself. They want men and women arguing with each other, feminism. They want blacks and whites constantly at odds; that’s racism. They want class envy. They want the rich being hated by the poor. The Democrat Party and the American left are doing and have been doing their every living best to divide as many people from each other as possible in this country, and they have succeeded, far beyond anybody’s wildest dreams. We sit around here and we say how in the world can anybody born in this country and see what’s around despise it and hate it?

CALLER: I agree.

RUSH: They have to be taught to.


RUSH: And they are being taught to. That takes me back to your original question and your answer. If a lot of your Jewish friends are afraid to vote against Obama because they don’t want to be called racist, look what the stigmatization has done, look how successfully the stigmatization of people has become.

CALLER: Yes. I’m really chastised, you know, by them, I’ve had to put a lot of distance between myself and them because I don’t believe in the Obama utopia. You know, it’s really a sad state of the country that we’ve come to.

RUSH: You know, the thing is, they don’t, either, Angela.

CALLER: You’re probably right.

RUSH: These are Jewish people. They’ve gotta be, among all of us, they have to know there’s no utopia. But that comes secondary to what they think people will think of them, or what they will think of themselves.

CALLER: Right. Yes. Thank you for taking my call. I have one more thing. While I was on hold to speak with you a friend of mine Joe Shiara called me from Hershey and said at the Giant Center in Hershey next Tuesday McCain and Palin will be speaking.

RUSH: At the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania.


RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: I’m sorry, I don’t know the times, but I thought you could put that on your radio.

RUSH: You just did, and I guarantee you the people in Hershey at the Giant Center already know that they’re coming and probably the event is sold out by now, and it will be oversold — not sold out, but have no more room for it pretty soon. By the way, Hershey, Hershey profit showing profit in the third quarter. You know how they did it? Cut their prices.

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