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RUSH: Brian Williams of the NBC Nightly News interviewed McCain and Palin. By the way, this was funny because Chuck Todd — the numbers cruncher, the political director for NBC News — said when he looked at this… I guess he’s a body language expert now, because he said, ‘I didn’t see a whole lot of love between McCain and Palin,’ he said. ‘I don’t think they like each other.’ In fact, we may have that bite. But I got my sound bite roster so… Yeah. Number 25. Before we play you McCain and Palin with Brian Williams, this is last night on Hardball. Chuck Todd said this about McCain and Palin.

TODD: I didn’t see any chemistry here. It very much feels forced, and you almost wonder. Now, maybe it’s the intensity of the moment. They know they’re down. No sleep at night. You need that idea that you might win to probably keep you going and maybe they don’t feel that they could win right now, and so they’re missing that intensity.

RUSH: This is Chuck Todd, body language analyst at NBC-DNC-Obama TV analyzing that McCain and Palin really don’t like each other. So here. You can’t see it, but you can hear. Brian Williams says, ‘Who is a member of the elite?’

PALIN: John McCain and I are so committed to serving every American, hardworking middle-class Americans who are so desiring of this economy getting put back on the right track and winning these wars. And America is starting to reach her potential, and that is opportunity and hope provided to everyone equally. So anyone who thinks that they are, I guess, better than anyone else that’s my definition of elitism.

WILLIAMS: So it’s not education? It’s not income based? It’s uhhh..

PALIN: It’s anyone who thinks that they’re better than someone else.

WILLIAMS: A state of mind, it’s not geography?

PALIN: Of course not.

WILLIAMS: Senator?

MCCAIN: I know where a lot of them live.

PALIN: (laughing)

WILLIAMS: Where’s that?

MCCAIN: Well, in our nation’s capital and New York City. I’ve seen it. I know what a lot of these elitists are, the ones that she never went to a cocktail party within Georgetown — I’ll be very frank with you — who think that they can dictate what they believe to America rather than let Americans decide for themselves.

RUSH: He’s exactly right. He is a hundred percent, exactly right, and so is she. How about Williams? ‘You mean it’s not geographic? It’s not income? It’s not education?’ No, Brian. The elites in this country do align on the basis of their superior (they think) education. But it is all about superiority. Elitism is all about condescension. (interruption) Well, McCain hasn’t been to LA in a long time, Connecticut. They’re all over the Northeastern corridor: the Boston-New York-Washington axis. Hell, Snerdley, we have elites here in Florida. Some of them are teachers! You want to talk about whether elitism has anything to do with what you earn? Elites are all over the damn place!

People who think they’re smarter and better. Look, elites think they are the smart people and that others are not. If they think you are not one of the smart people — and they will judge that on whether or not you have a degree somewhere; and your degree, by the way, has to be from the right place. But, but, ahem! But slap my face prematurely for what I’m going to say. (slapping cheek) Ahem. I’ll take a sip of water. (clearing throat) Excuse me just a second here, folks. (slurping) I don’t sip and slurp normally that way, but on radio I do it to create the noise so you know I’m doing it because you can’t see it. (clearing throat) McCain knows where the elites are. In New York, in Washington, and they are people think they’re smarter than anybody else and better than everybody else. These are the people he walked across the aisle and made deals with in campaign finance reform (sigh) immigration, you name it.

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