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RUSH: Folks, this is too much fun. The Drive-Bys are still all worked up over my claim, my confident claim, that Obama received his endorsement from Colin Powell on the basis of skin color. What they’re now saying is that I called Powell a racist in doing so. This is the Drive-Bys and their attempt to manufacture this definition of racism. They’re now claiming that I’m saying Colin Powell is a racist and I never said any such thing. I simply said that the determining factor in his endorsement of Obama has to be Obama’s race, but that doesn’t mean I’m saying Colin Powell is a racist. These guys are just hilarious to watch because race is their buzzword, race, all these Drive-Bys have roots back to the sixties civil rights movement, America is unfair, America is unjust, this election is all about correcting some of that. We’ll get to that in due course as the program unfolds. There are more important things, however, ladies and gentlemen. Greetings. Great to have, El Rushbo, the all-knowing, all-caring, all-sensing, all-feeling, all-everything Maha Rushie here at the EIB Network.

Ladies and gentlemen, look at me, listen to me. This is a close election. It is not the landslide that you are being force-fed daily in the Drive-By Media. This is a close election. Here is the latest Battleground Poll taken October 14th through yesterday, margin of error 3.1. One thousand likely voters, Obama is up one, 48-47 in the Battleground Poll. Other polls have this narrowing somewhat, but other polls have it just off the charts. CBS/New York Times, Obama up by 13. When you look at some of the internals in the New York Times/CBS poll, for example, who would raise your taxes, is the question? By the way, this I think 669 likely voters. The weighting of Democrat to Republican here is almost two-to-one, with a lot of independents in this, but now you tell me where they went and found people that think what I’m going to tell you? They had to take a poll of their newsroom to come up with these numbers. Who would raise your taxes? Obama, 51%; McCain, 53%; 43% say Obama would not; 37% say that McCain would not.

Now, I don’t know who they are talking to, but if there are 53% of likely voters that think that McCain is more likely to raise people’s tax than Obama, after all of this, I don’t know who they found, I don’t know who they’re talking to. If this is the case, they went out and they found the most uninformed, disconnected American citizens who claim to be likely voters that they could have found. Why has your view of Obama gotten better? Try this question. CBS/New York Times poll, among those saying the view has gotten better is debate performance, 30%. I just like him, 16%. Seems calm and steady, 12%. The way he handles McCain’s attacks, 7%. I can trust him, 5%. He can relate to the common person, 4%, and health care 4%. So those saying that their view of Obama has improved say it’s because of those reasons. Now, why has your view of McCain gotten worse? Now, get the answers to this. They ask it of both, they ask why has your view of McCain gotten better, too, but I’m just giving you the — because it fits the template of news coverage. Why has your view of McCain gotten worse? His attacks on Obama, 32%. Now cut me some slack, give me some break. I warned you people about this. This is exactly how they play this game.

We’ve got all these undecideds, we have all these independents, and they’re just waiting around, they haven’t made up their mind yet, and the thing that’s going to turn ’em off the most is if McCain attacks Obama, because why? Well, that’s partisan. And so what do they do? They run off to the most partisan political party in American history, the Democrat Party. Thirty-two percent say their view of McCain’s gotten worse because of his attacks on Obama. Next up, 14%, what do you think the second highest reason that voters’ views of McCain have gotten worse? Sarah Palin, 14% because he picked Sarah Palin. Now give me a break. You can’t fool me, folks, on this. This is not how voters think. Debate performance, 12% have had their opinion of McCain worsened because of his debate performance. And how about this, why has your view of McCain gotten worse? He seems erratic — right out of the Obama talking points, right out of an Obama ad, 11%, and just don’t like him, 7%.

Now, what’s happening here, folks, is a coordinated effort by the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media to get you dispirited and keep you there, to keep you depressed, to keep you thinking all is lost, that there is no hope whatsoever for McCain, that it is over. They leak all these things about the McCain camp saying, yeah, we’re going to give up Colorado, and, yeah, we’re going to give up in Michigan, and our route to victory is getting very, very narrow. They’re leaking things that suggest McCain internals are horrible and rotten and everybody in the McCain campaign is dispirited and depressed. It is a concerted effort the likes of which I haven’t seen even during the Clinton years. CNN gets in on the action: ‘A new national poll suggests that only a quarter of Americans think things are going well in the country today, while the rest of those questioned are angry, scared and stressed out. Seventy-five percent of those surveyed in a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll released Tuesday said things are going badly in the United States. ‘It’s scary how many Americans admit they are scared,’ said Keating Holland, CNN’s polling director. ‘Americans tend to downplay the amount of fear they have when facing tough times. The fact that more than six in 10 say that they are scared shows how bad things are getting.”

Cut me some slack here, Mr. Keating Holland. Americans have been more than willing to tell everybody how depressed we are. We have been more than willing to tell people how unhappy and miserable we are, and you people in the Drive-By Media have been documenting this for us in all of your polls. And probably some of you are going to believe this. But I’ll tell you, let’s examine one of the reasons why people might be scared and mad and depressed is because they’re being inundated daily with a bunch of negative drivel about the election being over, McCain having no chance, Obama has it wrapped up, doesn’t matter what anybody does. That’s the express purpose of this whole campaign is to keep you depressed, to keep you angry and worried over the state of the country and, by the way, to make you feel helpless. You can’t do anything about it because you’re not running for office. All you can do is try to get some McCain-Palin yard signs, but you can’t even find those because Obama people are snatching them up and taking them to the city dump. You have to go to a trash Dumpster to find the McCain-Palin signs in your town.

Now, let’s say among those who are angry, worried, depressed, and suicidal over the state of the country, what kind of intelligence are we talking about here when you try to understand how you take that emotion that people have, the fright, the depression, the fear, and then vote for Obama? Well, it boils down to that if these people are being honest, all they want is change, change, change. By the way, a Fox News Rasmussen Report poll this week, slightly improved situation for McCain compared to a week ago, though the underlying dynamic of the election still favors Obama. McCain gains a light lead in Florida and Ohio, a slight lead, yet it still has the underlying dynamic of the election favoring Obama. It’s a close race, ladies and gentlemen. Battleground Poll out today, one point, Obama 48-47. Battleground is the bipartisan poll, as you know, with Celinda Lake doing the Democrat work and Ed Goeas doing the Republican work. It tends to be a poll that even shifts a little bit to the left. So as hard as it may be, we’ve got 14 days until the election. As hard as it may be, folks, you’re going to have to turn off the TV or just watch it and resist it, because it’s going to get worse these next two weeks.

They’ve taken Biden off the campaign trail. They’re not releasing all of his medical records, either, by the way. They’re not releasing his brain scans, he’s had a couple of aneurysms. Biden’s off the campaign trail and of course it has nothing to do with the stupid thing he said — well, I don’t know how stupid it was, probably accurate, that little Barry is going to be tested by some mean terrorists when he’s elected president. One of the things that might happen, Russians sending bombers down to Venezuela. What if Castro is actually dead? I wouldn’t put it past to be true. If he’s not dead, he will soon assume room temperature. What if Hugo Chavez tries to capture Cuba? A very likely scenario, by the way. Chavez has his eyes on Cuba. The last thing he wants is for the United States to get in there, end the embargo and normalize relationships with Cuba. Any number of things could possibly happen. Yesterday, the Biden comments laid buried. Today they’re all over the place. The brilliant Madam Albright is now out defending Biden and saying that he’s right. We have all of these sound bites. But when we come back from the break here, we’re going to talk taxes and the economy, Obama, Barney Frank. I mean, if you’re worried about the future, if you’re worried about your economic future, you have got to pay attention to what’s going to happen to your economics if Obama happens to win this thing.


RUSH: One more poll that I want to share with you, folks. It is from Military Times. This Military Times poll indicates landslide support for John McCain. McCain captures 68% of the military vote to Barack Obama’s 23%. This is a poll by the Military Times newspaper group. It suggests there’s ‘overwhelming support’ for McCain among US troops in every branch of the armed forces by nearly three-to-one margin. Now, why do you suspect this is? Here we have overwhelming military support for McCain. My guess is they know what Biden said is true. The people in the US military, folks, did not sign up to be ‘tested’ because of an untested, weak rookie like Barack Obama.

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