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Rush’s Morning Update: Vacuum
October 22, 2008

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According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 44 percent of voters agree withObama when he says that”when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” Only 42 percent of voters in this poll disagree with that. Almost 70 percent of Democrats agree; an overwhelming number of Republicans– almost 80 percent– are opposed. Broken down by age, the results are discouraging. 63 percent of voters under age 30 side with Obama. By income, a majority of those who make under $40,000a year agree withObama’s “take-their-pie” mentality.

Now, this means, folks, thatthe “entitlement” mentality that liberals have fostered these last 60 years has deep roots. Instead of earning one’s own way in life, many Americans believe they deserve to live off the earnings of others. It means government welfare– once only accepted with shame– is now expected. It means our culture teaches that achievement, hard work, and personal ambition will be punished… while sloth, ignorance, failure, and low expectations will be rewarded by politicians posing as statesmen.

It means that millions of our fellow citizens have lost touch with American exceptionalism, and have no clue what made this country great.It means they haven’t been educated or nurtured to reach for their highest potential.

But it also means there is a tremendous political vacuum for new leaders to emergeto keep faith with the true American dream. And history has taught us: political vacuums will, eventually, be filled. So stay up, stay confident.

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