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RUSH: Last Sunday, I think it was Sunday — I heard about this late last week — an attorney for Cindy McCain sent a letter to Bill Keller of the New York Times. Apparently the New York Times was preparing some sort of hit piece on Cindy McCain and her lawyer fired back a letter, ‘Why aren’t you investigating Obama? Why aren’t you doing investigations of these other people?’ and one of the questions that the lawyer asked of Bill Keller of the New York Times is, ‘Why are you not investigating Obama’s drug use?’ Which he admitted. ‘Why aren’t you investigating whether he sold drugs?’ Now, that question was not asked by Cindy McCain’s lawyer, but let’s not forget something.

Let’s go back early in the primary campaign. Remember a guy named Bill Shaheen, who was Hillary’s campaign manager in New Hampshire, I think he’s the husband of the former governor, Jeanne Shaheen. For all I know, she may still be governor, I don’t know. But regardless, Bill Shaheen had to, quote, unquote, be fired because Bill Shaheen was out there saying, (paraphrasing) ‘Hey, look, he’s admitted he’s done drugs, what if he was doing other things? What if he was selling them? You know the Republicans are going to say this. You know the Republicans are going to say he was selling drugs.’ Bam, he’s fired, but they got it out there. They wanted it to be in the mix. And then Bob Johnson, Black Entertainment Television, said Barack was doing lots of things in the neighborhood. I’m not going to say what, but I know what he was doing. So it was the Democrats that started all this racism and sexism in their primaries and they put out this notion that Obama — he admitted to using drugs, dabbling with cocaine. It was Democrats who put out the notion he might have been selling them as well all the while saying Republicans were going to say it if Obama won the primary. Republicans have not said it, but Cindy McCain’s letter from the lawyer to the New York Times asked them why they’re not looking into Obama’s drug use.

So yesterday in Springfield, Missouri, Mike Huckabee was interviewed by a TV station, KY3 news, reporter said, ‘I know you mentioned Bill Ayers on the stage today. Is that an issue people ought to consider more important than even the economic issue? What’s the message here? Is it his associations or is it the economic, the tax structure of the country?’

HUCKABEE: Can you tell me anybody that sorted out who it was that supplied Barack Obama the drugs that he claimed in his own book to have taken? No.

REPORTER: So that’s relevant, his drug use is on the table.

HUCKABEE: Well, if Joe the Plumber’s back taxes are relevant, a guy who’s just playing football in his neighborhood, then everything is relevant.

RUSH: Hmm. That’s Mike Huckabee. And the reporter, you know, ‘What do these associations have to do with economic things?’ This is the where the reporter and most reporters are just ignorant and bullheaded. If your best friends are socialists, if your best friends are anti-capitalist, it has everything in the world to do with whether or not your economic policies are going to be capitalist or socialist. Ignorance, the most expensive commodity we have in this country, and a lot of it exists in the Drive-By Media. Then yesterday on America’s Newsroom, Fox News Channel, Rudy Giuliani.

GIULIANI: If we raise legitimate issues about Barack Obama, his connection with Ayers, his connection with Reverend Wright, his connection with Rezko, who bought the house for him and went off to jail, you’re accused of being some kind of a mean, vicious, narrow-minded person. You can’t even raise these issues, and, you know, God forbid somebody would do some reporting on Barack Obama’s use of drugs. I guess that was the point that Mrs. McCain’s lawyer made.

RUSH: So they’re trying to get this out there in the mainstream media, the letter to Bill Keller of the New York Times. And you know what’s going to come next is, look, he used drugs, who sold him the drugs, was he selling? The Democrats have put that out there. Bill Shaheen put that out there back in February or January, whenever it was, heading into the New Hampshire primary.

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