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RUSH: To the phones, to Redlands, California. We’re going to start, Matt, with you. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush it’s an honor to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Rush, I agree with Joe Biden’s recent statement that if we elect Barack Obama, that will guarantee that America’s enemies will test Obama’s youth and inexperience with crisises; and the election of Obama would probably guarantee a war between Israel and Iran within the next two months, because many Israeli politicians and military leaders have publicly stated that if Obama is elected, Israel is going to have to bomb Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities before Bush leaves office on January 20th. Because Israel knows that it cannot depend on a weak leader like Obama to support it if it goes to Iran. So the election of Obama will probably guarantee a war between Israel and Iran within the next two months. Then Obama would have to come into power, we could have three wars going on. We could have war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and we could end up in war with Iran. And Obama, with three wars going on, that would be just great. What do you think, Rush?

RUSH: Well, I’d have to defer to Senator Biden. I don’t think he could disagree with anything you said here. He said it’s all on the table. It’s all a possibility, and it’s going to be so bad that their numbers are going to plunge and Biden wants all the people that love Obama and himself now to remember this day and support them regardless. So I think it’s a fairly good analysis. Had you called and said this today without Senator Biden —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — providing the insight on the possibility, I would have thought you were a Looney Toon, you know? I would have thought you were a full-fledged kook trying to toy around with the host of this program. But I have to say, your analysis given Senator Biden’s insight on this — and as he said, he has forgotten more foreign policy than most of his colleagues know — I’d have to say that you’re right on the money here.

CALLER: Well, Rush, this isn’t just some far right theory that the world can be such a dangerous place. Now we have Obama’s own VP promising us that the world is going to get more dangerous, promising that Obama will cause international crisis. We know John McCain. He’s admitting that John McCain will keep things safe and stable.

RUSH: That’s right.

CALLER: You can’t believe Biden admitted the truth that we conservatives have been saying. Thanks, Joe. We appreciate you admitting the truth that we’ve been trying to get out there.

RUSH: I love the guy. They’ve had Michelle Obama up in the Waldorf, obviously, eating hors d’oeuvres all this time: Iranian caviar and Bollinger champagne from the UK and all these lobsters. I thought they had duct tape on her mouth, but obviously not. She’s able to ingest and swallow food that she orders from room service. I’m glad they let Biden out of the padded cell, too, because I missed him. We’ve missed Biden out there and he’s now back in full-fledged glory and doing a genuine service to the country by informing us what’s ahead if Obama is elected. And, by the way, folks, no, I do not believe it’s a setup. I don’t believe Biden is saying this so that when six months goes by and there is no international incident, they can say, ‘Wow, the world really loves us now.’ I think it’s just the exact opposite. I don’t think this is a rope-a-dope type move. This is a head-’em-off-at-the-pass move. This is, ‘Okay, we know we’re going to catch hell here,’ and what Biden is saying is, ‘We know the world’s going to test this little punk because he has no experience, and he’s only 47 years old,’ and we also know that he was hoping for defeat in Iraq. (laughing) So the rest of the world is going to say, ‘Hey, you want your country to lose? Here’s another chance. Try this,’ and see what he does. It’s probably a good possibility.

Marisol in Little Havana down in Miami, nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush, it’s an honor to speak to you. Mega dittos.

RUSH: Thanks very much.

CALLER: I was wondering if Senator Government will live by his obvious ideology and distribute his campaign funds to all the other politicians running that haven’t received as much.

RUSH: You know, this is an excellent point. I had a note to myself on this about all the money that Obama raised. He raised $150 million in September. Now, what bad economy? Where is all this money coming from? Do you know that’s at the rate of — run the numbers on that, 12 times 150 million could be… Well, that’s going to be over a billion. At that rate it would be over a billion dollars a year, I think, or close to it. Of course he’s not going to share the wealth. In fact, folks, if you recall, Dingy Harry called Obama and said, ‘Hey, could you give us some of your unspent cash to help us with the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee,’ and Obama said, ‘No, Dingy Harry. No.’ Obama doesn’t share anything. You’re gonna share! Folks, liberals don’t use their own money for things. Thanks, Marisol, very much. Tim in San Diego. Hello, sir. EIB Network, you’re next.

CALLER: (silence)

RUSH: Tim in San Diego.

CALLER: (silence)

RUSH: Going once. Going twice. Tim in San Diego.

CALLER: Hello, this is Tim.

RUSH: Yeah. Tim, nice to have you. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thanks very much, Rush. Okay. I’m going to go quickly because I do have two things I want to talk to you about.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: You mentioned recently that we should all remember that this time four years ago Bush was down by 11 points in the polls.

RUSH: That’s right.

CALLER: You know, I’d love to hear an audio montage of the various pundits and Democrats from the last election cycle saying that Bush didn’t have a chance to beat Kerry; or, you know, Gore for that matter. To me, I think it would be very encouraging for conservatives to hear liberals in their own voices wrongly predicting the election outcomes. Because they love to bury their false prophecies, but I think if you were to dig them up and play them every day until the election, it would be just very encouraging to the listeners.

RUSH: Not a bad idea, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Now, the other thing is that — well, for instance, even their own people, they were saying, you know, Gore will defeat Bush. Kerry will defeat Bush. Hillary is gonna defeat Obama in the primaries, and —

RUSH: Okay, hang on just a second. I gotta break. Hang on. We’ll finish this when we get back. Don’t go away.


RUSH: Back to Tim in San Diego. I got one idea from you out of the way. What’s the second?

CALLER: Okay. Well — and just real quickly with the previous idea there. You know, whether it was when we took back the House and the Senate or the Clinton years or Bush winning twice — or, you know, even that Hillary was guaranteed to win the primaries — they’re always wrong. So I don’t know if you have access to these clips.

RUSH: (stifling laughter)

CALLER: But if you do, I just think it would be really helpful because if Bush was down by 11 points and our guy is down by less than five points then we definitely have a chance to win this victory. Okay, point number two.

RUSH: Yes? (laughing)

CALLER: I called you about a year ago to lobby you to have Bo Snerdley added to your roster of guest hosts. Now, at the time, you thought I was a stupid idiot, and you said, ‘Well, who knows what might come out of his mouth if he was unleashed on the public airwaves?’ Yet if we fast forward about eight or nine months, who is the Official Obama Criticizer on the EIB Network? Well, none other than Mr. Bo Snerdley himself. So, it took you a little while to come around and see the wisdom of my thinking, but you eventually did; and not a lot of people can claim to change the mind of Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH: Well, I’ll tell you what. I’ll tell you what. The next time I’m gone, since you are the one with all the great ideas, we’re going to call you to be guest host. You can put together all those montages and you can do the show yourself.

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