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RUSH: Gloria Borger was on CNN’s Election Center last night, the host Campbell Brown. ‘Where do things stand, Gloria? Is Sarah Palin hurting rather than helping the McCain campaign?’

BORGER: Well, she certainly isn’t bringing along Hillary Clinton supporters. Anybody who thought that she was going to bring along Hillary Clinton supporters was not looking at Sarah Palin’s record and Hillary Clinton’s record. She is bringing along white men who like her a lot and she’s rallying the base. But is she bringing along those independent voters? Absolutely not.

RUSH: Now, the very moment Gloria Borger was saying this on CNN New York, across town, Sarah Palin was raising over a half million dollars from Hillary Clinton supporters at the Grand Hyatt hotel down at Grand Central Station. And don’t forget the internals of the Zogby poll today, Obama has lost ground in independents. So Gloria Borger is flapping her gums apparently not knowing what she’s talking about. This morning on the Today show on NBC, we have a montage here of some Savannah Guthrie, I guess that’s an NBC reporterette, Savannah Guthrie’s report on Sarah Palin. You’re going to hear voices of parents of Down syndrome children in this report.

GUTHRIE: Nearly everywhere Sarah Palin goes these days she’s encountering people who aren’t necessarily there for the politics.

MAN: I can’t put it in words. My daughter is nine, and to have somebody like this supporting us, it does move our entire family.

GUTHRIE: Families of children with Down syndrome, children like Trig, have been flocking to Palin rallies. They come to shake her hand, grab a hug, or snap a picture, drawn there, they say, because her story is theirs, too.

WOMAN: Sometimes you see politicians, and you don’t think they have struggles like the rest of us, but she does. She has a unique situation.

GUTHRIE: Last week Palin stopped to talk to us about what’s become a phenomenon on the trail.

PALIN: We have an automatic bond there where we can just look at each other in the eyes and say, ‘I know, and you know, we’re all in this together.’

GUTHRIE: Do you feel a heightened sense of responsibility now that you’re in this position?

PALIN: I sure do, and I won’t let these people down. Part of the reason that I’m doing this is for my own child who has special needs.

GUTHRIE: Is it emotional for you, to see these faces?

PALIN: Very emotional, very emotional, yeah.

RUSH: This is one reason why the Drive-Bys and the Democrats despise Sarah Palin, and one of the reasons that they are deathly afraid of her. She is connecting with people on a human level, on an issue that liberals despise, the survival of Down syndrome children. The press and the Democrats feel powerless to destroy her. She is connecting with people on the issue of life, and that just sends the American left for Fruit Loops.

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