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RUSH: Now, folks, what’s profound about this to me is that ACORN’s been doing what they’ve been doing for 30 years. They are bought and paid for by the Democrat Party. They are an arm, they are an activist group of the Democrat Party. So what happened this year to cause them to get caught? What happened this year to have 15 states start investigations against them? This is not an idle question. We’ve heard about ACORN. John Fund, by the way, at Wall Street Journal has a great book, the paperback just came out of his book on voter fraud. Get the name of that book for me. Stealing Elections, by John Fund. There’s still time for you to get it. You can get it at Amazon or your local book store, John Fund at the Wall Street Journal exposes ACORN from the first page to the back page. But a lot of people have known about ACORN and their fraud and their attempts at fraud over the years, but this year they’re actually being investigated, they’ve been caught in 14 or 15 states, and since they’re a branch office of the Democrat Party, what happened? What happened, the Democrats couldn’t keep this group under the radar? This group had to so overstep that no matter who they are and who they’re bankrolling and who’s bankrolling them, some people in certain states just could no longer look the other way at what they are doing.

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