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Rush’s Morning Update: Standing
October 16, 2008

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Democrats have convinced millions of our citizens that America’s “standing in the world” has been rightly tarnishedbecause we eliminated a threat to our security in Iraq. If that’s what you believe, so be it; you’re among the duped, and there’s no logic that can help you.

But I do want to come at this notion of our “image” in the world from another perspective. For over two centuries, the world has watched in awe how we govern ourselves,peacefully transferring power through honest elections. It has also seen how we corrected, painfully and with blood, the flaws that left some Americans out of the process at our nation’s birth.

Over the last few election cycles, the world is observing something else. They’ve seen a political party try to disqualify the votes of troops serving overseas. They’ve seen a taxpayer-funded activist organization– acting at the behest of this same political party– register thousands upon thousands of fraudulent voters, and fight tooth and nail any attempt to verify voters using proper identification. They’ve seen American courts award an election to a Democrat governor who somehow produced more votes than there were voters.

The damage Democrats continue to wreak on the electoral process is stunning. They’re turning a system once the envy of the worldinto one that resembles third-world dictatorships, banana republics, or former commie Soviet-bloc states. This brazen, in-your-face corruption will cause more lasting harm to America’s standing in the world… than any war ever could.

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