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RUSH: We have a new ad from Senator Obama. Listen to this, and then we will have commentary.

ANNOUNCER: John McCain’s campaign told the press if the election’s about the economy, he’ll lose. Now, as Americans lose their jobs and savings, McCain’s resorting to desperate attacks the press calls, quote, ‘smears and false.’ Bill Ayers is a professor of education who once served with Obama on a school reform board, a board funded by conservative Republicans tied to McCain. When Ayers committed crimes in the sixties, Obama was eight years old. Obama condemned those despicable acts. Ayers has had no role in Obama’s campaign, and will have no role in his administration. Obama says this campaign should be about how to fix our economy, help small businesses and homeowners on Main Street, and crack down on Wall Street abuses. And John McCain? With no plan to fix the economy, smears are all he has left.

OBAMA: I’m Barack Obama, candidate for president, and I approved this message.

RUSH: Now, why is Obama bringing up Ayers’ name? Why is Obama getting all defensive about Ayers? I think that they have some internals. They’ve gotta have some internals. He ought to be up by 16 points. He ought to be genuinely up by the 14 points the New York Times is saying. I’ve been saying this all along. If he goes into this election under ten points ahead, he’s in big, big, big, big, big, big trouble. Why bring up Ayers? I think Ayers and ACORN are sticking and they have the need to go out and be defensive about it. He’s lying about his relationship with Ayers. This business that when Ayers bombed the Pentagon and bombed the Murtagh house and all he was only eight years old and denounced these ‘horrible acts,’ Ayers is still a buddy!

They still pal around. Ayers, Annenberg Challenge; Obama, Annenberg Challenge, the Wood Foundation. It’s not that Ayers was a bomber all those years ago. It’s what Ayers is doing with education today that Obama supports. It’s what they tried to do with the Annenberg Foundation grant that Obama was recipient of from Ayers. So now they’re out there — and Obama knows that McCain’s going to bring up Ayers in the debate tonight. So I find this a little bit defensive. William Ayers is Timothy McVeigh. The only difference between Ayers and McVeigh is that Ayers beat the rap. Obama served on boards, and knew him well, had his launched his campaign launched from Ayers’ living room, and then there is the book issue.

More and more people who have read Obama’s books and Ayers’ books — and now they’ve done a timeline. During the period of time that Obama’s two books came out Ayers did not publish any. Prior to those periods of time, Ayers was publishing about a book a year. Ayers makes a lot of nautical references in his books. Obama does, too, but he has no nautical experience. Ayers does. So there are a lot of people beginning to think that Obama didn’t even write these books, that Ayers did. So this is something they’re obviously defensive about. They’ve either go to some focus group stuff that’s counter intuitive or they’re seeing that the issue is killing them. But I don’t see how this is a smart thing to do at all, with this kind of thin, puny defense.

RUSH: Now, Obama in his ad promises that there will be no William Ayers in his administration. By the way, the Chicago Tribune with a profile on Ayers (laughing), who will be an unnamed secretary of education in the Obama administration, I have no doubt. They do a profile. They go to Ayers’ office, and here are some of the pictures on Bill Ayers’ office door. Mumia Abu-Jamal, this cop killer is in Philadelphia. Che Guevara. Malcolm X. ‘These are the admirable figures that exist today,’ according to the Chicago Tribune, ‘on the office door of William Ayers,’ who Obama says, ‘I hardly knew the guy.’ I’ll tell you, and Barry promises that there will be no Ayers in the Obama administration. Maybe what McCain ought to do is promise tonight that Bin Laden will not be asked to serve in his cabinet then!

I mean, can you imagine the absurdity of having to reassure people you won’t give a bomber a job in the administration? Here’s Obama saying, ‘This guy is not going to be part of my administration.’ Well, who says he was? Who says he was? What you are doing that for. Why in the world…? I know McCain would never do it, but wouldn’t it be fabulous if he did? (doing McCain impression) ‘I heard Senator Obama say today that he’s not going to have Bill Ayers in his administration. Well, I’d like to likewise assure American people I also will not have Bin Laden in my administration because I will not have a bomber, either, in my cabinet. Take that, Obama. What do you think of that, huh? Ayers! Ayers! Ayers!’

It’d be nice. McCain likes to cross the aisle. You know what would be a great thing to do tonight? Cross the aisle. (doing McCain impression) ‘Senator Obama, can you agree with me ACORN is a bunch of frauds, and you and I must join together to get rid of ACORN throughout this country and stop paying for them as the Democrat Party has? Will you agree with me on this, Senator Obama?’ Well, he wants to cross the aisle. It would be a great thing to cross the aisle about: getting rid of ACORN.

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