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RUSH: Patrick Healy in the New York Times: ‘A Riveting Speaker, Waving the Flag — Here is the thing about Gov. Sarah Palin: She loves America. Really loves it. She loves the smell of cut grass and hay, as she told Ohio voters Sunday. She loves Navy bases, she said in Virginia Beach on Monday morning. She loves America’s ‘most beautiful national anthem,’ she told a crowd here a few hours later. … As the Republican vice-presidential nominee for six and a half weeks now, Ms. Palin has emerged as the most electrifying speechmaker among the four politicians on the major party tickets. … But Ms. Palin’s partisan zeal could repel some independent voters in closely contested states like New Hampshire and Pennsylvania…’

So they praise her speaking. They praise her ‘riveting’ speech. They claim she’s the best speaker of the four, and they advise her to stop it because it might offend independents! By the way, listen to this. This is how they describe her speeches. ‘If there are holes in logic or a lack of specifics in Ms. Palin’s speeches, her audiences tend to fill the absence with gushing affection.’ Now, where was this analysis of Obama earlier this year when he was out there saying nothing over and over again better than any time anyone else has said nothing? If you press Obama on his plan for the economy, you’ll find he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But they don’t write that about him, but they write it about Sarah Palin.

Now, this business on the independents. I mentioned the Zogby poll that shows Obama at 47.9, Racist America at 43.6. You want to hear some interesting internals from this poll? This just… Folks, I cannot tell you how this irritates me. If this is right, if this is accurate, it makes me mad because we all knew it! The margin of victory in this Zogby poll is coming from Obama’s strength with independents. The entire McCain campaign from the primaries on — for the last eight years, from 2000 — the entire theory of the McCain campaign is to get independents and Democrats and win the election with them. Oh! And Hispanics. And he’s not getting Hispanics either. We see just how successful this effort to turn the Republican Party into mush has been. The vast majority of Obama support in the Zogby poll comes from independents.

Nobody is surprised by this, because independents are not who they say they are. Here again the New York Times proves my brilliant theory: If independents are offended by partisanship, and really great stem-winder speeches — if Sarah Palin is sending these independents to the Democrats — well, who the hell are the Democrats? They’re nothing but partisan hacks! They are the most hateful, partisan people in politics in America today. So Sarah Palin makes these riveting, spellbinding speeches about her love for America and that drives independents to the Democrats? Sorry, they are not ‘independents.’ They may be calling themselves independents, but they are not. They are Democrats-in-Waiting.


RUSH: Another Sarah Palin story, in the Los Angeles Times. The headline here: ‘Sarah Palin Stirs Up Controversy in the Wink of an Eye,’ and they analyze her speaking prowess again, and they say winks are powerful, more powerful than a wave and they are risky. ‘The wink is a powerful gesture, much more so than the wave favored by most politicians because it generates from the ground zero of human emotion — the face — in the eyes no less, the gateway to the soul. … It’s the undecideds who most matter. Research shows that ambiguous gestures like a wink are risky on a medium such as television…’ The bottom line: Another story from the LA Times that Sarah Palin is angering the moderates. Sarah Palin is running off the independents.

Do you know Reagan got independents? Do you know how he did it? I’m blue in the face on this! This ought to be a Republican landslide, this election, with everything out there from ACORN… For crying out loud, American taxpayers are paying a criminal organization to elect Barack Obama, and we’re going to send more Democrats to the House and the Senate? That would be the equivalent of sending bigger majorities of Democrats to Congress in ’94 after the House Banking Scandal. We were smart enough not to do that in ’94, what the hell happened here? Running around trying to court independents by being wushy-mushy moderates? I cannot believe how our side — well, not us, folks, not you and me, but our side — has been roped in by all of this brouhaha that you have to get moderates by being inoffensive. You can’t be opinionated they have time basically sought and they have succeeded with our political class of shutting ’em up! They’re afraid to say conservative things.

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