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RUSH: I think you read Stanley Kurtz, and just apply some common sense to this, it was kind of like a light going on with me. One of these things that you know, one of these things you expect, but it never made it to the frontal lobe to the point of being voiced. It made no sense to me why, with so much rampant prosperity all around us, the opportunities for expanding one’s circumstances to become educated, to become prosperous, to become successful, why is it that one group of Americans for some reason in large part failed, whereas some members of that group succeed and they were torn down, they were ripped to shreds? The Clarence Thomases, the Shelby Steeles, the Thomas Sowells, the Condoleezza Rices, these people. They became the enemy, they became Uncle Toms and it was almost as though the Democrat Party was content with the majority of the black population to be angry, irritated, agitated, so long as they could be made to believe it was Republicans who were keeping them there. And now we find out that it’s been ACORN all along and the educational policies of Bill Ayers and the SDS, the new left, led by people like Tom Hayden and Bill Ayers and all the rest. They have been active since the 1960s. All these former SDS people — Students for a Democratic Society, that’s why its former leaders back Obama. Lots of books have been written about this.

These are the same people that backed Mao Tse-tung, Ho Chi Minh, Castro; they are Marxists; they have learned how to communicate and manipulate, they have learned to adapt socialism to American society. Tom Hayden, Angela Davis, Noam Chomsky, Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Saul Alinsky. What’s amazing is that this extensive network, this extensive network and movement goes wholly unreported by the likes of Tom Brokaw, Charlie Gibson, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Katie Couric, Brian Williams. This is the movement that undermined the Vietnam War, that tried to undermine us in Iraq, and they are three weeks away from electing one of their own, if they can, Barack Obama. That is why any effort to expose Obama’s connections with this movement and others on the extreme left are attacked as racist. They don’t want to us to go there, and they know that charging anybody with racism will shut ’em up. Well, not everybody, but it’ll shut up enough people. It has shut up McCain. He will not talk about Jeremiah Wright. We are confronted here with a movement that we are not permitted to expose.

Does this mean the Drive-By Media is also Marxist? Who knows. One thing I just know for sure is that the Drive-By Media hates Republicans, and they hate conservatives. Anybody with a D next to their name is okay with them, doesn’t matter what they’ve done, to whom they’ve done it, it doesn’t matter how ineffective their policies are, doesn’t matter if they’re cheats, if they’re frauds, it doesn’t matter. If they’ve got a D next to their name, it’s fine with the Drive-Bys. Whether the Drive-Bys are full-fledged in Marxism and the SDS, that’s for somebody else to say, but even if they’re not, how would you know the difference by virtue of what they’re promoting? So they may as well be. This ACORN stuff, folks, is crucial. It puts the lie to all of Obama’s airy rhetoric about change and social justice. It shows concretely what the left means by these terms. Bill Ayers talks about change, too, through the popular empowerment to achieve participatory democracy. This is exactly what ACORN says it’s doing by rounding up the dregs of society to vote. Would somebody explain to me why do poor people need help voting? Why do poor people need help registering? Poor people are not stupid, and they’re not constantly poor. People move in and out of what we call the poverty quintile all the time, but this assumption that in this country the poor people and the downtrodden, dregs of society don’t even know how to get out of bed without a liberal organization or piece of legislation helping them.

You want to know why all of these Democrat liberal organizations oppose photo ID for voting? You’re looking at it. It’s called ACORN. If you are required to have a photo ID, you cannot vote if you don’t have one. Remember the situation in Georgia where they wanted to give everybody a voter ID, and the Jesse Jacksons of the world went down there and raised holy hell, ‘No you can’t do that.’ State of Georgia said okay, we’ll go to their houses, we’ll go to where they live, ’cause Jesse Jackson said they’re afraid to leave their homes. These are poor black people afraid to leave their homes, they may not go back, afraid they’re gonna be captured. Agencies will go to their homes, Jesse Jackson said no. These people cannot stand government agents walking into their house, they won’t trust it, they’ll think they are being spied on. They come up with the most ridiculous explanations to avoid anything with photo ID, and this is why. Can’t cheat. They want to cheat. They can’t win on their own. They couldn’t win very much at all on their own.

Bill Ayers, he talks about change, popular empowerment to achieve participatory democracy. This is what ACORN says it’s doing by rounding up all of these poor people to vote, and it turns out that what Ayers has in mind by all this change is Hugo Chavez’s totalitarian socialism in Venezuela. I have here an excerpt of Ayers — and I told you this last week — 2006, two years ago, a speech in Caracas honoring Hugo Chavez for his educational reforms. I mentioned this to you last week when I said the real problem with Ayers is not his terrorist past, it’s what he’s doing now, radicalizing the US education system. Here are a couple of paragraphs from his speech, it could have been written by ACORN. Quote: ‘Capitalism promotes racism and materialism, turning people into consumers, not citizens. Participatory democracy by contrast requires free people coming together voluntarily, as equals, who are capable of both self-realization and, at the same time, full participation in a shared political and economic life. Venezuelans have shown the world that with full participation, full inclusion, popular empowerment, the failing of capitalist schooling can be resisted and overcome. Venezuela is a beacon to the world and its accomplishment of eliminating illiteracy in record time and engaging virtually the entire population in the ongoing project of education.’

Now, the key to this is his educational ideas are rooted in the overthrow of capitalist education, the promotion of socialist education. They believe America is inherently unfair, unjust, and this must be rectified. Everybody must be equal. Everybody must have equal opportunity and equal outcomes. Everybody must be the same. Barack Obama cannot separate himself from this group. He cannot separate himself from Bill Ayers or Jeremiah Wright or any of the other radical leftists that have made up his close circle since the time he got active in politics in Chicago. If you wonder how it has been that only one segment of our population has had way too many members of its membership or group fail to ride along this upward wave of America for the last 30 years, the answer is ACORN. The answer is the SDS, the radical leftists and Marxists who want them angry, who want them hating this country. They are being taught and have been taught to hate this country.

It was a movement, it was a religion, Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama, Bill Ayers up to their big ears in it, and the piece de resistance is that it was all paid for with US tax dollars, as authorized by legislation sponsored by the Democrat Party. Because the socialist Democrat Party today, as it’s currently constituted, not only relies, it requires as much ignorance on a part of as many of its voters as possible in order to survive. It requires even more and more ignorance among its voters to survive, in other words, to have its own power. We are three weeks away from having somebody in the White House who thinks what’s going on in China is great and what’s going on in Venezuela is great, who thinks we need to spread the wealth around, tells a plumber, (paraphrasing) ‘I don’t want to punish your success, I just think it’s fairer if we spread the wealth around a little bit to those beneath you.’


RUSH: Sharon in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, ma’am.

CALLER: It seems to me that the carpetbaggers have never left.

RUSH: The carpetbaggers have never left? What do you mean?

CALLER: They’re promising the world to these people who couldn’t seem to make it on their own, and now we’ve got ACORN doing the same thing. I am just so shocked and surprised that they’re getting away with all of this, that our judicial system can’t work any faster than that. Unless you’re a Republican, and then they’ve got you dead to rights.

RUSH: Well, you have to understand here… I don’t mean to sound preachy. What you have to understand here that all of this is simply an arm of the Democrat Party, and the Democrat Party holds a lot of judgeships. The Democrats have gotten a lot of people, a lot of judges in the judiciary. This is all part of the Democrat Party. What all this tells me, what it all adds up to is no wonder they have to do this. They couldn’t win diddly-squat without this. They cannot win without cheating. They’re not even close. This country… Look, you remember the Battleground poll, and I told you about question D-3. For the last eight years on all the different Battleground polls in that period of time, they ask good ol’ question D-3: ‘How do you identify yourself: conservative, somewhat conservative, liberal, somewhat liberal, don’t know?’

Question D-3 was just released last week again: 59% of Americans describe themselves as ‘somewhat conservative’ or ‘conservative,’ and the people that identify themselves as liberals is in the 30-percents, and that hasn’t changed in eight years. If elections in this country were genuinely fair, liberals wouldn’t be winning diddly-squat, except in these individual congressional districts in various parts of the country, like in Massachusetts and Chicago and Los Angeles, San Francisco, places like this. But in terms of statewide races, without this kind of cheating going on — which has been going on for 30 years, bought and paid for by the US taxpayer — this is not a liberal country. It is not a socialist country, but these people have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to try to convince as many people as possible that we are.

And they’ve got the media. They have got the media, and that’s what makes it look like this is a country so different than what it in reality is. We’re not Marxist; we’re not socialist. The majority of our people do not want to sit on their butts and let the government take care of them. The majority of people in this country do not want government bailing out people that can’t pay their mortgages, does not want people being bailed out who make irresponsible decisions, don’t want the government owning percentages of banks. Look, do you need any more evidence that this whole thing is rigged? Jimmy Carter, who started this whole mortgage business (or was very instrumental in it) and is a big supporter of ACORN and so forth, he’s running around as an elections judge at elections all over the world! He’s an elections supervisor. He ought to start observing and supervising his own party. Did you hear the woman from Houston? They couldn’t find any Democrats to go be poll observers, so Republicans are going to do it.

Twenty thousand fraudulent registrations. Or was it a percentage of some 20,000? It was 20,000, right, that were fraudulent? Thirty percent of 20,000 were fraudulent. This, by the way, brings up something else. If you’re really steamed about this and you really care about it, you can be a poll watcher. You can go in there and be a poll watcher. They might try to kick you out of there. I’m not saying you have any contact. You’re not an official poll worker. You can go in and watch. You can’t walk in, but you can sign up to do it. This is something that may be necessary to do this. It is clear, more clear than it has ever been, the stakes to which the left and the Marxists in this country will go to take it over. They can’t win legitimately, folks, because we are not them. They are not us, and they are in no way, shape, manner, or form a majority or anywhere close to it in this country. Here’s Obama, back to the audio sound bite. This is his I-feel-your-pain act. He’s going door-to-door looking for votes, and this was on the campaign trail in Ohio. We had a 19-year-old nursing student named Hannah. She’s very emotional here, talking to Obama.

HANNAH: I’m paying for school myself, so…

OBAMA: How much…? How much are you in debt?

HANNAH: Right now I’m about $24,000 and I’m only nineteen.

OBAMA: Uhhhh, all right. Well, we’re going to try to see if we can provide you some relief.

HANNAH: Yeah, we need it —

OBAMA: All right.

HANNAH: — ’cause the grants aren’t enough!

OBAMA: I know. I know. I appreciate it. Come on. It’s nice to meet you.

HANNAH: Thank you.

RUSH: She’s paying for school herself. We can’t have that! No, no, no, no. Hell no. We can’t have anybody paying for themselves. ‘I’m paying for school myself.’ She’s even mad that she’s having to pay for it herself. Do you believe that? She’s angry she’s having to pay for school herself! Obama says, ‘How much, how much you in debt?’ And it’s unintelligible what she said there. ‘All right, all right, well, we’re going to try to see if we can provide you some relief.’ This is after he spoke to the plumber: ‘I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you, they get a chance for success, too, I think when you spread the wealth around it’s good for everybody.’ Now, I’m going to tell you again. The majority of people in this country do not think that there’s something wrong when they’re paying for something that it’s a crime, except for their health care. Everybody has bought into the notion they should be given that.

But aside from that the majority of people in this country do not think that paying for something themselves is a crime and they need some relief from it. Maybe ‘yet.’ Maybe ‘yet,’ but this degree of cheating that is happening and this degree of manipulation of young people in the schools to me is actually… I don’t want to say it’s a positive sign, but it does tell me that these people can’t, in a legitimate arena of ideas, prevail. They have to cheat, and they’ve been cheating for 30 years. Now, in those 30 years they’ve got a lot of what they want. They got the Great Society. They got a lot of tumult and chaos. But they haven’t succeeded in their ultimate dream, but they’re just three weeks away from being closer to it than they’ve ever been; with one of their own, Barack Obama in the White House. Here’s Barbara Boxer last night on MSNBC. Question: ‘Is the Democrat Party prepared today to defend the idea of a new New Deal?’

BOXER: I think it’s a way to move forward, if it’s done right. It needs to be done right. We need to look at what abuses of power took place so that they don’t happen again. One of my worst experiences as a United States Senator was going up to some secret room and looking at pictures from Abu Ghraib, a lot of which the public has since seen. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so lost for my country. And I think we need to take a hard look at that — and, as I said, do it in the right way so that this never, ever, happens again.

RUSH: My mistake. I gave you the wrong question. The question she was asked: ‘If the election was held today or tomorrow, it would be a landslide for the Democrats. Say it’s a big win in November. Would you support efforts to bring accountability on constitutional issues, the war crime issues that plague our ability to regain high ground and a beacon of hope,’ whatever. ‘Would you be willing to prosecute the Bush administration for war crimes?’ was the question, and she said yes. Barbara Boxer said we got to. We need to take a hard look at that. So is I said, do it in the right way so this never, ever, happens again. War crimes against Bush. Now, that is Marxist. That is Marxist. Then you take ’em out and shoot ’em, or you put ’em in jail for life or what have you.

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