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RUSH: Jennifer in Charlotte, North Carolina, you’re up. Great to have you here on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Mr. Wonderful. I’ve waited my whole life to talk to you.

RUSH: Well, thank you so much.

CALLER: You did a perfect setup a little while ago. If you give me a second, first of all, the purpose of calling first thing today was that why isn’t anybody from the Republican Party harping on the fact that the greatest strength in Sarah is that she’s not a Washington insider!

RUSH: Who do you expect in the Republican Party on the inside in Washington to start singing her praises because of that?

CALLER: Well, even last night I just thought she could have seized the moment even greater. That’s why I’m voting for her. I don’t trust people in Washington.

RUSH: I understand. But the Republicans… Look, the Republicans are the McCain campaign. The McCain campaign is calling the shots here as to what’s said by official Republicans. Like I told you: ‘If I had to write a doctoral thesis explaining the McCain campaign, I would have to give up the pursuit of my doctorate. I would have to reject the assignment.’ I said, ‘I would go insane writing this.’ I know. I know I’m the answer man.

CALLER: You are.

RUSH: But I’m not here.


RUSH: Remember what I told you, all of you, at the very beginning of this campaign over a year ago. The Republican Party, there’s a battle within it to take it away from conservatives and evangelicals and the pro-life crowd, the country club blue-blood insider Republicans want control of the party — ergo, McCain. Now, they realized too late that that wasn’t going to win ’em anything. McCain may be able to go out and get some independents and so forth, but they gotta have the Republican base. So here comes Sarah Palin. But I’m looking at this, honestly, Jennifer, and I’m seeing parallels to 1976 that are dramatically close. They’re dramatically close to 1976. You have a moderate Republican who, while a nice guy, there was no passion. There was no ability to articulate policy positions. Jimmy Carter is Barack Obama is Jimmy Carter. They’re interchangeable. They’re coming off Watergate, coming off Republican scandals, coming off an economy that wasn’t singing. So everybody wanted change and they go to the peanut farmer from the South, Jimmy Carter, and we all know it just quadrupled in pain. We needed to create the misery index, and all this led to the revival of the conservative movement in the Republican Party. I want you to hold on because I know you had something else to say.


RUSH: Here Jennifer back in Charlotte, North Carolina. I took a long time to answer your question and I wanted to give you a chance to come back and make the comment that you called to make.

CALLER: Well, I made the comment. Now, here’s my follow-up question. While I was waiting for you, okay?

RUSH: A’yeah.

CALLER: I happened to go online. Is Wikipedia a conservative or neutral or liberal website?

RUSH: Liberal, and anybody —


RUSH: — anybody can go to Wikipedia and change any entry they want.

CALLER: Okay. When I was waiting, you made the comment earlier about Elon College and all that kind of stuff, I’m from North Carolina, born and raised in North Carolina. On Wikipedia’s site there is a Democrat. When you type his name in Wikipedia, under the controversy section, it says that he opposed to increase the oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2003, Rush.

RUSH: Wait a minute. What name are you putting in there?

CALLER: It’s Mel Watt. W-a-t-t.

RUSH: Okay, Mel Watt.

CALLER: Yeah. This is the biggest Democratic scandal in my lifetime.

RUSH: And it says that Watt..?

CALLER: In 2003, he opposed effort by the Bush administration —

RUSH: That’s true.

CALLER: — and the congressional Republicans to increase regulatory oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac!

CALLER: That’s true. So did the whole Black Caucus, so did Barney Frank, so did Chris Dodd. That’s all I’ve been talking about the last two weeks. They all stood in the way. They are the ones responsible for this failure.

CALLER: Right. So here’s my question to you.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: If we get (which I believe we will) McCain and Palin in the White House, what good is it going to do with the stupid Congress? If the representative in the Senate has the Democratic majority, it’s not going to do us any good.

RUSH: Well, we may not be faced with that. The Senate and Congress… You gotta understand, all is not lost here. The House and the Senate are in play. I hate to keep saying you have to remember because I’ve talked about all of this. I’ve talked about it all the past three months, three weeks and three days. These polls that AP and other people are putting out, trust me on this (take a look ’em if you can on the website, if you can, on the internals) the sampling of Republicans compared to Democrats is abnormally low and not representative. Here’s how it works. You got the Republican convention and you’re AP. So you go out and you do a poll to tell the people what the reaction was to the Republican convention, and you saw it pretty strong. Palin hot, McCain hot, and so forth. Then, a week or so later, you do the same poll but you reduce the number of Republicans in the poll. You increase the number of Democrats, and, lo and behold! You can produce a poll that shows a drop in momentum. I am telling you, these polling…

Well, some of them, not all. I mean, Rasmussen’s honest and some of the others, but AP, ABC News, Washington Post, these people are cooking these polls to produce results that they want. Now, as to your question, ‘What do we do with a Democrat majority in the House and Senate if we have McCain?’ Look, I don’t want to answer that right now. I answered that before the primary campaign; nobody listened to me. I you what this was going to be, but nobody cared. Nobody listened. I’m not going to answer it right now. I’m going to answer it later. I won’t have to answer it. You will see it. For crying out loud, Jennifer, did you not hear today that he’s going to have Algore as an expert on ‘climate change’ in his administration? He would ‘tap Al Gore.’ We’re not going to need to worry about the damn Democrats in the House and Senate. We’re going to have to worry about the damn Democrats in the cabinet. Damn it, I promised I wasn’t going to say this. But I said it. I was up late last night, ladies and gentlemen, and I’m in a giddy, giddy mood here.


RUSH: Here’s Lou in Readington, New Jersey. It’s great to have you on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Fine and dandy, sir. A little tired, but making it through the day.

CALLER: Yeah, well, we’re all getting that way. I was telling your screener, I’m just an average guy. I work on the back of a garbage truck. I’m proud to say I have twin sons at The Citadel Military College in South Carolina. Their future is in the Marine Corps, hopefully. But my wife and I are both struggling to see this dream is seen with them. As a street guy, what I saw in McCain debate last week, it was okay. I’m voting for McCain. I’m very, very interested in the war. The economy will probably straighten itself out. I’m more interested in what’s going to go on in the next five years, because it does include my kids. But my main thing is with Mr. McCain. This is his time. This debate is going to be his and our future. He’s gotta look that guy in the eye like she did with Biden last night, I mean look him in the eye. If you look at the debate that he had with Obama, he didn’t look at this guy. He’s a warrior. Let’s make it a warrior and straighten him out and straighten everybody else out and United States of America that this is the way to go. This is the way to go, with him. He is going to get us out of this war, and that’s all I gotta say, Rush. Thanks for letting me on.

RUSH: All right, Lou. I’m glad you called. I love your patience and passion and so forth. (laughing) I really do. No, buts. No, buts. No, buts. Lou, you stay fired up and keep everybody else around you fired up. I’m just getting giddy.

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