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Rush’s Morning Update: Fairness
October 6, 2008

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Among the many fine moments in the vice presidential debate was Governor Palin absolutely nailing Joe Biden andObama to the wall on their plans to raisetaxes.

Sarah Palin forced Biden to defend his absurd notion that tax hikes are “patriotic.” She zeroed in on the agenda that guides liberals and socialists worldwide –the “redistribution of wealth.” Biden’s defense was straight out of the 75-year-old Democrat handbook: the notion that confiscating money from one group of citizens to benefit another is rooted in “fairness.”

See, that concept of “fairness” — that’sthe bedrock of liberalism, and we are seeing the consequences. It wasn’t “fair”that some people couldn’t afford to buy a house, so Democrats forced banks to lend them money anyway. Now taxpayers are required to be “fair”…and pony up $700 billion.

That concept of “fairness” allows liberals to insist that younger workers continue funding the retirement of older workers, in ever greater numbers. The system is facing certain bankruptcy,but in the name of “fairness”,liberals refuse to reform it.

The liberal concept of “fairness” even extends to the battlefield. It isn’t “fair” that the foreign-born terrorists who’ve tried to kill us, who are enemy combatants, have to sit out the war in prison. It isn’t “fair” that their telephone calls are monitored for national security reasons.

When Democrats use the word “fair”,you can be sure of one thing:”fair” to themand “fair” to youmean two entirely different things.

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