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RUSH: I want to plug a movie, all right? Just right out front: I’m going to plug a movie. It’s called An American Carol, and it opens tonight. David Zucker, the guy who did the Airplane movies and Naked Gun movies with Leslie Nielsen is the impetus behind this, some great conservative actors. Kelsey Grammer is in this. What it is, is they just humorously destroy Michael Moore. They just destroy him. They’ve got Chris Farley’s brother, who plays Michael Moore in this movie. It’s not a long movie. They brought it by the house about a month ago. I screened it, and they said, ‘We still have 15 or so minutes to take out of it.’ I’ve got the final cut right over there, and I haven’t yet seen that.

I haven’t had a chance to watch it because I have been swamped. But here’s why this is important, in addition to the movie being good and funny and will create and cause raucous laughter. There’s also a movie opening tonight by that reprobate Bill Maher. It’s Religulous or — I don’t know how you pronounce it, but it is a movie designed to insult everybody who is a person of faith in this country. It is a comedy that has as its target religion and the ‘stupid people’ that believe in faith, that have a faith. And then a couple weeks, Oliver Stone’s movie on George W. Bush is coming out called W. I haven’t seen it, but I’ve read the script. These things are not accidental. They’re being timed right before the election here, just as I don’t think this financial crisis is so much a coincidence right before the election.

Now I see the oil price is down around 92 bucks. Just a second. Let me check this real quick here, folks. Ninety-four dollars, $94. Gasoline is around three bucks a gallon in Boston. I’m going to tell you something. Some of this stuff is a little bit too coincidental, but after the election is over, it’s going to be amazing how blue the sky has become, not much bluer, and how much brighter the sun is, there will be polls on the renewed confidence in the US economy that will be produced by the Drive-Bys after Obama has won, if that’s the case. Let me go back to the movie, An American Carol. It is up against the usual obstacles that conservative movies have, and that is, without…. You know, they’re buying advertising time for it around. But it’s not getting a whole lot of support from the usual Hollywood sources that big movies do, and it’s simply because it’s conservative.

Now, what’s happening here with this movie is that Mr. Zucker and Steve McEveety, who works with Mel Gibson, all the actors in this movie are putting their necks on the line by doing it. You’ve heard all the talk about conservatives kind of afraid to come out of the closet out there, conservatism is ‘the new gay in Hollywood.’ And these guys, some of them are very powerful in their own right, and they come out. But if this doesn’t work, if the critics are able to label it a flop at the box office, it will have a dispiriting effect on further attempts by conservatives to make movies that appeal to a political point of view of an audience that Hollywood does not make movies for. When you see this Bill Maher piece of trash is opening the same night, then W by Oliver Stone coming out, and then the attempts that they have made to destroy the Iraq war effort, impugn the US military and all that, it’s just relentless.

They never stop coming at you. This is an effort here by some highly talented, very qualified people, and it’s funny. It’s a kind of treatment that’s true about some oaf like Michael Moore that you’ll never see Hollywood make other than this. So if you’ve got time this weekend, in addition to throwing down a couple bucks — if you can get credit at the bank to get some out of your ATM. I know we’re on the brink of collapse here, but if your ATM is still dispensing cash, go get some money and go see the movie. And while you have a nice night and enjoy yourself, you’ll also be supporting some good people. These guys are putting it on the line here. You know, we sit around and ask, ‘When’s Hollywood going to do something? When’s Hollywood going to…?’ Here’s some people that are doing it. It’s called An American Carol. You’ll laugh yourself silly through a lot of it, and you’ll also be making a statement.

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