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RUSH: I want to talk about this Chuck Todd business here and all of the things that are related to it, the fact that the election is over.

The media and the Obama campaign are working together now employing this tactic of inevitability, and it needs to be rejected. They are trying to persuade people who would vote for McCain and Palin to not bother because they want you to believe the election’s a foregone conclusion. They want you depressed. They want you dispirited. They want to influence the outcome of the election right now when there is early voting going on in some key states, like Ohio, rife with a fraud opportunity also in the next few days. But they want to chase off McCain-Palin voters, invigorate Obama-Biden voters by pointing out that it’s over. It’s just over. The tipping point has been reached.


RUSH: Everybody is talking about the ‘challenges’ that Sarah Palin has tonight, that she has to show her stature against the amazingly accomplished and credible foreign policy expert, Joe Biden. Let me tell you how I see this tonight. She’s debated a lot of people a lot of times. She is going to be fine and she is going to light a fire under the base again, and she is going to be just great. She’s going to be enthusiastic. She is going to relate to average, ordinary Americans — which is why she is hated. More on that as the program unfolds. You’re going to have to listen to the whole three hours today. I’m not going to be able to do the whole thing in the first half hour or even the first hour. The way I see this is, the biggest challenge that anybody has in this debate tonight is Biden, and the biggest challenge Biden has is to NOT be himself. He’s got to find a way to hide himself, ’cause if Joe Biden is himself, ‘Hey, Chuck, stand up! Let ’em see you! Oh, God. Oh, my God. God love you,’ whatever.

Of course, you ought to hear how the Drive-Bys are spinning this Gwen Ifill thing. Frankly I don’t mind this Gwen Ifill thing the way it’s turned out because she’s going to have to bend over backwards to be fair, all eyes are going to be on her more than anything else tonight including Sarah Plain. Well, maybe a toss-up with Sarah Palin. But besides that, is it not outrageous, simply outrageous that somebody who has got a financial stake — a huge financial stake in the victory of Barack Obama, who did not tell the debate commission about the book — is still moderating this thing? And the Drive-Bys are circling the wagons. Listen to Howard Kurtz. Grab audio sound bite number one. Howard Kurtz here. This is yesterday on CNN’s Newsroom. The anchor, Rick Sanchez, spoke with Kurtz and said, ‘Do you know if she will mention her book at some point and say, ‘Look, I want to know this is on the record. Yeah, I’m writing a book. It has nothing to do with what I’m doing’? Will it affect her performance in any way?’ Listen to this.

KURTZ: I don’t know whether she’ll mention it. I don’t know whether this — this is all bothering her. Certainly it’s hit the echo chamber. Drudge Report had a big headline. Rush Limbaugh has talked about it. Uh, this strikes me as an effort to kind of spin away in advance, uh, the results of the debate in which, uhh, Governor Sarah Palin may or may not do well.

RUSH: Do you believe that? Here we’ve got a clear violation of journalistic ethics. If you go to the journalist society website and you find out what they swear to — they’ve got an oath, too, that they take, amongst themselves — this is a clear violation of ethics, honesty. She was dishonest. She lied. She kept a relevant fact from the debate commission, all of these things, and so now the way to look at this is we’re just trying to try to spin away in advance how poorly Palin might do? Wow, a major disconnect. There’s no question, on what’s going on here. Follow me now: a financial crisis, so-called, caused by years and years of liberal Big-Government policies — forcing banks to make risky loans based on race and income and politics rather than sound business decisions — has been spun as a failure of capitalism and a failure of the Republicans.

That’s how the media and the Democrats work. They work together. They share talking points. They are driven to defeat us and establish a massive government that controls us. Their hero is Barack Obama. Obama is the most left-wing, the most radical, the most incompetent, the most dangerous man ever to seek the presidency, certainly in modern times. And what are they trying to focus you on? Polls. Chuck Todd’s reading of the polls, which suggests that it’s all over. They want you to focus on Sarah Palin’s accent. They want you to focus on false charges about things that she did not do. They want you to focus on her lack of foreign policy experience. They want you to focus on John McCain’s age and all that. Never, ever, do they want to examine Obama’s actual ideology and his extremist socialist proposals.

Never do they want to examine the history of lies and dangerous proposals coming from Joe Biden. You have to use these propaganda efforts, my friends, to embolden you, to strengthen your resolve to fight back. These tactics only work if you let them work. This today ought to light a fire — another fire, because I know there’s already a fire burning — under your rear end. This should light another one, the all-out effort to determine the election over before it’s even been had, four-and-a-half weeks out. If you are a Republican, and if you’re getting glum, if you see only doom and gloom coming in four and a half weeks, buck up. It’s because you’re allowing the media and the Obama campaign to drag you down. Now, I’m not a Pollyanna. I understand how tough this election is going to be.

But why accept defeat before Election Day? And don’t tell me, ‘Well, we don’t have a chance ’cause our candidate’s not taking it to them.’ We knew that going in. It’s not an excuse. This is an election about Barack Obama. This is a referendum on Barack Obama. This election is a referendum on the Drive-By Media. Why accept the liberal Democrat playbook? Why give them the power to depress you? Why give them the power over your feelings to make you glum and filled with doom and gloom?


RUSH: Back to this business that the election is over. Grab audio sound bite number 19. We have Chuck Todd. He was on Scarborough’s program this morning on MSNBC, pronouncing the whole thing over. This is how it went.

TODD: And those were among likely voters. If you looked at the registered voter numbers — which I believe still should be looked at because that can tell you when turnout expands; you know, we know that there’s gotta be a whole bunch of new voters — and his leads were even bigger. This should really scare the McCain campaign. This thing is — i-i-it’s at a tipping point, and this debate frankly is coming at a good time for McCain because he needs something, anything, to stop this Obama momentum.

RUSH: It’s over. The election’s over! And of course Palin can’t stop anything because, ‘She’s incompetent. She’s not qualified,’ they say.

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