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Rush’s Morning Update: Macaca!
October 2, 2008

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During the last election cycle, Democrats introduced the term “culture of corruption” to nationalize the elections. Their public relations arm– the Drive-By Media– turned Jack Abramoff, a corrupt Beltway lobbyist, into a “Republican lobbyist,” even though he had dealings on both sides of the aisle. Then came the five-alarm, contrived scandal over Senator George Allen’s off-the-cuff use of the word “Macaca” at a campaign rally. Followed quickly by the five-alarm scandal overMark Foley’s suggestive text messages sent to a congressional page.

This election cycle, we are told that the entire American economy is at risk… and further, that the health of our entire global market could be adversely affected for decades over financial shenanigans that originated in Washington.Trillions of dollars have been floated in questionable loans, accounting rules were manipulated, and as a result, some Americans have lost their homes– and millions of investor portfolios are losing value every day.

Now, key figures in this scandal profited by hundreds of millions of dollars; twoof them worked for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac –both are linked to Barack Obama’s campaign. Another was a Clinton associate. In Congress, individuals who created and defended the policies that got us wherewe are — and who benefited from preferential treatment from lenders– are central players in the bailout.

But there are no five-alarm, front-page scandal investigations in the Drive-By Media. You see, the bad actors this time are Democrats,so there is no issue here… that evenrises to the level of “Macaca.”

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