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RUSH: Isn’t it amazing, ladies and gentlemen, it is amazing to me how suddenly the House Republicans are so all-powerful, when we know we don’t have the parliamentary ability to stop this. This, ladies and gentlemen, I’m telling you, the politics of this, this is what this is now, and, frankly, through the whole get-go, this has been politics, but it’s now naked, and we can all see it. The House Republicans cannot stop this in the House. They cannot stop it. Parliamentary manner, they cannot stop it. And look how powerful they are. They don’t have the parliamentary power to stop any of it. If the Democrats want this to pass out of the House, it can happen today. So what this actually shows is we don’t need a Democrat majority in Congress.

The Democrat majority in Congress refuses to act on something they claim we need, on something they claim was a national emergency, on something they claim we have to do now or else. We got a Democrat majority, and they won’t act. They want Republicans along with them for the cover. ‘Cause they know it stinks. Well, I don’t know if they think it stinks, but they know the American people think it stinks, and they know the American people don’t want any part of it, as evidenced by all the feedback that they are getting. Lindsey Grahamnesty was on Greta Van Susteren last night, and she said, ‘I only have three seconds left. Senator McCain tonight working on the deal or pushing or working the phones, what’s going on behind the scenes?’

GRAHAM: He is working the phones trying to find a way forward that would protect the taxpayer, and this deal that’s on the table now is not a very good deal. Twenty percent of the money that should go to retire debt that would be created to solve this problem winds up in a housing organization called ACORN that is an absolute ill-run enterprise.

RUSH: It’s not a housing organization. They’re a community organization. They worked with Obama, that’s where Obama got his experience, and they’re a vote fraud organization! He said this further on CNN. He added more detail, he said, ‘Let me tell you what happened, because I was here. We were meeting with House Republicans to try to get ’em into the mix and you had I think six members of Congress meet by themselves in the morning, yesterday morning to go to the press, announce an agreement they never told their colleagues about. At lunch when this agreement was discussed in a Republican Senate conference, two-thirds of our conference could never sign on to it because 20% of the money — could be billions of dollars — instead of retiring debt that will be created to get us out of the mess, 20% of it will be directed to housing programs like ACORN that are under investigation.’ This was uncovered in the Senate Republican meeting. So he said, ‘No Republican is going to take 20% of the money that goes to debt retirement and put it in an inefficient program. There never was a deal. If there had been a deal, we’d be voting and I won’t be talking to you,’ said Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty.

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