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RUSH: I’ve been meaning to do this for a couple weeks. A friend of mine has just written a new book, and we ran a commercial for it in the first availability of this just-concluded spot break. Ted Bell is his name, good friend of mine out here in Palm Beach. He’s written a book called Tsar, T-s-a-r. You may remember me talking about this book. He gave me an advance copy of it in the summertime, maybe early spring, and I stayed up all night reading.

It’s a novel, but it is about the reemergence of Russia, really, really prescient. He changed a couple things at the end, which you don’t know about ’cause I didn’t tell you how it ends, I didn’t say much about it, but it got me back into reading novels again. I hadn’t been reading novels for a couple years because I had been so busy with other stuff. T-s-a-r. It’s by Ted Bell. If you have some idle time and you want to be really entertained, it is just a fabulous book and a fabulous story.

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