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Rush’s Morning Update: Scam
September 26, 2008

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Yesterday I offered a prediction that once the election was over, Democrats would restore the ban on offshore oil drilling that they just allowed to expire. It took less than 24 hours forme to be right.

As you recall, my friends, I told you that for over 20 years, liberals have banned exploration and drillingbecause they believe high gas prices are good: high prices force you to drive less and make you angry, and therefore– in their perverted view– savethe environment and get them votes. But now they are facing an electorate that is awakening to the hideous consequences of their energy policies. So Democrats did an about-face, allowing the ban on offshore drilling to expire…all the while planning to reinstate it once the elections are over and they are out of political danger.

Within hours of my prediction, Nancy Pelosi’s second-in-command, Steny Hoyer, acted true to form. He told CNSNews.com that restoring the ban on oil drilling”will be a top priority for discussion next year,” if Democrats still control Congress.

That’s why environmental wacko activists are not howling at the moon over next week’s expirationand why Democrats aren’t on the campaign trail defending their quarter-century ban on drilling. They knowif they fool enough of you– for another few weeks– into thinking they’ve relented, they can screw you again once the elections are over.

Is it cynical? Yeah. Dishonest? Sure. Shameless? Of course! But for Democrats– the Party of Scam– it’s just business as usual. You elect them, you deserve them.

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