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RUSH: Well, we’ve learned quite a bit over the weekend, ladies and gentlemen, and it will take the entire three-hour excursion into broadcast excellence today for me to impart it to you. Believe me, the whole thing will be worth it. Lots to do today, great to have you with us and kick off a brand-new week of broadcast excellence from the EIB Southern Command. Rush Limbaugh here behind the EIB Network with rhetoric and resonance and dulcet tones echoing from coast to coast. Telephone number is 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

I’m gonna lead off with the bailout. There’s an idea at stake here, folks, a very, very precious and important idea that’s about to be blown away, and we’re going to lead with that, not technically, but it’s going to be the first major thing we get into. There are a couple of other program notes I want to impart to you. When we left on Friday, I mentioned to you that today we were going to have Spanish language translations of all relevant commentaries and monologues that have been distorted by Obama in his campaign ad that runs in four states. They’ve not pulled the ad. They’re continuing to run it. The Democrat strategerists say, ‘Hey, the ad worked. It tied McCain to the right wing.’ So Joe Muniz on our staff has recorded all of what I said in Espanol, in Spanish. I originally thought we were going to be able to get to this in the first hour today, but I don’t think so. We’ll probably get to it in the second hour. We’re going to broadcast this all over the continental United States and Alaska and Hawaii, in Spanish, so that Hispanics can get the truth of this.

A couple of news update items. When we last spoke on Friday, we talked about the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and their anti-Iran rally today. Remember, Hillary Clinton was invited, Sarah Palin was invited, and Hillary Clinton said I’m not showing up if she’s there; she doesn’t measure up to my stature. So Hillary pulled out, Palin didn’t. At that point, the Conference of Presidents and the other two organizations, it appeared, buckled to some pressure and disinvited Sarah Palin, and everybody was up in arms about the gutlessness of this. What we have learned since we were last together — and the story first reported on WCBS-TV in New York, the Democrat Party — that means Obama and his operatives — threatened to attack these three Jewish groups’ tax-exempt status if they did not disinvite Sarah Palin. They were threatened with lawsuits that would result in the end of their tax-exempt status. So they were blackmailed, essentially, to get rid of Sarah Palin and they felt they had no choice, tax-exempt status is the basis on which they operate.

Malcolm Hoenlein, who is the executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations that I mentioned to you on Friday was the man who arranged, assembled, and accompanied me on that great, wonderful trip I had to Israel in 1993, was just devastated by this. He’s been taking a lot of hits, a lot of incoming fire because these three organizations did not actually make it known at first that they were threatened with lawsuits from the American left. I’ll tell you, it’s not just the American left, the worldwide left is in the process of destroying the country. They’re in the process of really changing things. This bailout, folks, it’s frightening what is going on here. It really is, because aside from the details, this is a Democrat Party mess. This is an elected Democrat mess, and the very Democrats that made the mess are asking now to be put back in total control of this. Barney Frank is even out there saying that this is a private sector problem. It’s just the exact opposite. It is so the exact opposite.

What needs to happen here is that Barney Frank and Chris Dodd need to be thrown out of Congress. That is what needs to happen here. Those two guys, since 2006, when they took over their committees, banking in the Senate, whatever Barney’s is in the House, these two guys, Pelosi’s running that Congress, the Democrats in charge of things, it has just been a nightmare and a disaster. But the roots of this trace all the way back to the Clinton administration, Janet Reno threatening lending institutions if they didn’t get rid of redlining and make loans to people who couldn’t pay ’em back, they’re going to be targeted by justice. This is a classic example of some of these institutions, ‘Hell, we don’t want to be bothered, we’ll do what you want.’ It’s the way affirmative action was used in other federally regulated business such as this one, such as broadcasting. Back in the seventies they said, ‘You better start hiring some women.’ ‘There aren’t any qualified here.’ We’re talking about major market. ‘Well, you better do it anyway or we’re going to come down real hard on your next license renewal.’ So it’s the same process that was being used then is used now. Details on all this here in just a second.

One final thing. Remember George Onyango Obama, the half-brother of Barack Obama, living in a hut outside Nairobi or something, living on $12 a year. Obama in his acceptance speech in Denver says, ‘I am my brother’s keeper.’ But George Onyango Obama is still living in the hut, not even a ‘Hut, Sweet Hut’ sign, no help from Obama whatsoever. Do you realize a $20 bill would have the effect of almost doubling this guy’s annual income? He wants to become an auto mechanic, so here’s what happened. Dinesh D’Souza has started a fund for the George Obama ‘Get-him-out-of-the-hut’ campaign. I don’t know what it’s actually called here, but there is an official ‘get-him-out-of-the-hut’ campaign. Dinesh D’Souza has chipped in the first thousand dollars here, says he’s received more than a thousand dollars in small contributions. So right now George Onyango Obama has $2,000 headed his way thanks to Dinesh D’Souza and America’s conservatives. My North Carolina mistress says she’s going to send the ‘Hut, Sweet Hut’ sign along with her donation.

I can’t escape the football games this weekend. You New England fans, and I love you, but I gotta tell you, it was not enjoyable watching you lose. That’s not the point. That happens. But I’m channel surfing around yesterday, and Matt Cassel, the backup quarterback for the Patriots gets sacked a couple times and the cameras cut to the crowd, which they always do after some plays. Rather than staying on the field to see if the guy can get up, they go into the audience, the fans, and these New England fans look dumbfounded. The quarterback has just been sacked and they’re looking at each other, ‘What was that? We haven’t seen that in two years, what just happened out there?’ They had no idea. Their quarterback never got sacked at home. They haven’t seen it in two years. They started streaming out of there early in the third quarter.

Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers, ought to sue his own team for attempted murder. Gee whiz! Against the McNabbs in Philadelphia, the Steelers look like a sandlot team yesterday. I’m a huge, big Steelers fan, but my Lord, I mean they talk about the sacks, Roethlisberger eight sacks, it wasn’t the sacks it was the hurries, the knockdowns. You think it was bad watching this? Imagine Roethlisberger playing in that game. You know how nervous you Steelers fans were every time he took a snap in the shotgun. Imagine him and the way he felt! The coaches did nothing to correct this. Where were the screen passes? Where were the draws? There’s all kinds of things you can do to nullify the pass rush but they didn’t do it. Meanwhile, Roethlisberger’s got a bad hand, probably going to be able to play, but it’s just going to get worse.

The Baltimore Ravens and that thug defense of theirs, they see what happened out there. I guarantee you, those guys, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, just can’t wait. They wish the game were tonight. It’s a week from tonight on ESPN’s Monday Night Football, which means we might not see much of the game. They don’t televise much of the game even though they broadcast the game. The bozos in the booth there, yeah, they’ll show graphics of plays that happened 30 minutes ago to show you why it worked while a current play is happening. Anyway, a quick time-out here. We’ll come back and start — (interruption) well, what’s to say about the Cowboys? The only thing to say — don’t give me — the Cowboys, they’re playing great, there’s no question, Cowboys are playing great, Terrell Owens looks like he’s matured into a team player. Happy to see it. There’s a lot of surprises in the NFL this year, but that’s what makes it great.

Also, there’s another topic here, folks, that I cannot — and it’s going to take me all three hours to get to all this — there’s a topic out there that I cannot let go uncommented on, and that is this outrageous AP poll, AP story, Ipsos poll, that hit Friday afternoon when we were outta here. It’s the most amazing thing. They are concerned as hell. They’re already setting the table here for Barry losing on the basis of race. They went out there and they surveyed a bunch of blue-collar Democrats, the kind Barry needs and they found out that one-third of them will not vote for him because he’s black. Now, you ask yourself, why run a story like this? Why run a story insulting so large a contingent of the Obama constituency? Why do this? I think it’s to shame them into action, but it’s also setting up the excuse down the road. Why not run a poll on how many Republicans won’t vote for Obama because he’s black? The answer to that is very simple. That would just mobilize the Republican base even more, you start putting that kind of garbage out there, ’cause the racism in this campaign’s all been found on the left.

By the way, these are (whispering) ‘Reagan Democrats.’ They’re setting up this, these are so-called conservative Democrats, and they’re in Pennsylvania and Ohio and Texas, these places that Obama bombed out in the latter stages of the primaries and they’re saying that they’re going to vote against Obama simply ’cause he’s black. I can’t let this one pass. Lots to say. I’ mean, 95% of blacks are going to vote for Obama. Where’s the racism? What would you say, AP — this is our buddy Ron Fournier — what if 95% of whites said they were going to vote McCain? How about the racism charge there?

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