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RUSH: We told you about this yesterday. Everybody’s got the video and the audio now, but here it is on our program.

MICHELLE: We may decide to do something that — that is different than Barack Obama, but we should decide that based on our self-interests and what we think is best. The only way that will happen is that if people are paying attention and neighbors are talking to neighbors and family members are talking to family members. People shouldn’t make a decision this time based on, I like that guy. Or, you know, she’s cute. (laughter) You know, this — (cheers and applause) And I’m talking about me.

RUSH: All right, now, that didn’t get reported. But nobody will be voting for you. Who’s voting for you, Michelle (My Belle)? And, by the way, when you say don’t just vote for somebody because I like that guy, what other reason is there to vote for Obama? What do his supporters know about him other than they like that guy? What’s wrong with voting for somebody you like? We like Palin. We’re going to vote for her. We also like what she happens to stand for. Why am I throwing this? I’m getting so used to wadding up pieces of paper about Obama, but I need this because there’s other stuff on it. Okay, so she’s opened her mouth again here, folks, and this morning on Good Morning America, Claire Shipman talking to Michelle Obama said, ‘What do you make in general, though, of the debate about, you know, five children, the vice presidency? Is that sexist? Is that a sexist question?’

MICHELLE: Sarah Palin has the choices, she has the ability to make those choices. That’s the kind of progress that we have to make in this country. It’s one thing to be a governor or to be a lawyer or to be, you know, married to someone who has resources. It’s another thing to be a teacher or a bus driver, you know, or social worker or stay-at-home mom when your husband’s working at a plant.

RUSH: Can I translate that for you, folks? Sarah Palin has opportunities other women don’t have. Sarah Palin has chances that other women don’t have. And here’s Michelle back to it again, she was in Zanesville, Ohio, remember, urging those women not to do what she’s done, don’t go work for law firms and don’t go make a lot of money. Stay in the service industries in your little town here and don’t make a whole lot of money. Sarah Palin’s had choices, she has the ability to make those choices, that’s the kind of progress we have to make. It’s one thing to be a governor, to be a lawyer, to be married, you know, to marry somebody that has resources, but it’s another thing to be a teacher, bus driver, you know, social worker, stay-at-home mom, husband’s working at a plant, you can’t have five kids and do that. This is Michelle (My Belle) Obama — they just cannot — it’s just in the DNA. They just have such resentment, they cannot avoid going the class envy route.

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